Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter (Pictures)

Here are pictures of my daughter's Easter.

This is Skie pullin stuff out of her basket. And I like to use baskets/buckets that are reusable so that we dont have easter baskets sitting in the house for months and end up in trash. But with this bucket I found at Target on sale it will make much purpose when it comes to picking up toys left in the living room, or carrying items.

Hello Kitty Tin for makeup or other small items. I put a koosh and candy inside it.

This is a Cinderella baby doll. I found this on clearance at Target after christmas. Originally $28 and i paid just under $5!!

Here we have a doll she has been begging for! Thumbellina!! She was so happy!! Oh and you know what is so cool about this box? Its made of 100% recycled material! And it's in the recycle bin now to be re-recycled again!

Shreck magnetic book... has a million pieces and im sure some are under the sofa.

This is her checking out her new barbie book!

So, that concludes Easter. We didn't do much. We actualy spent most the day cleaning. Or well, my husband did. Im not feeling well so he has stepped up to help. Oh and on friday I sent Skie to school with Easter cookies for her class... here is a pic.

They could of been so much better. But by the time i got to actualy decorating them it was after 8pm and all i wanted to do was go to bed. The kids enjoyed them anyways!! Next cookie day is for Earth day on the 22nd!! yay! I love to make cookies for her class!
Alright thats all for now folks!


blueviolet said...

You made those cute Easter cookies? Oh already saw how I bake....

I always used the containers over every year too. You really filled hers up and good!

T~T said...

I like those cookies!!! You are better than I - I always buy!!

Stephanie said...

Those easter cookies look delicious (and I love the colors that you chose). You should share your recipe sometime... :)