Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am so excited to share this shoppe with you today! Rare Rose Boutique specialize in Unique handmade and repurposed accessories for every occasion from headbands,pendants, and shoe clips to purses and purse clips! Courtney was so kind to send me a head band to review! And oh my gosh is it beautiful! It looks vintage and yet very stylish! And I love the colors she has chosen. The green with the faded beige fabric is gorgeous! On the top it looks like 3 beautiful roses. My daughter loves this headband... and has tried every excuse to wear it with something that dosent match the colors! Can't blame her with how pretty this headband is. Here are some pictures to share with you!

Just gorgeous isn't it!? I recomend you check out Courtney's shoppe. She is extremly friendly and great to work with! Many wonderful thanks to Courtney for allowing me to do this review!
Check out these from her shoppe.... Now tell me you wouldnt want to add this to top off a cute outfit you have?!!

Gorgeous right?!?! Head on over to Rare Rose Boutique and say HI!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey all! I know it's been a few since I posted. Nothing much has been going on. We been having problems with our neighbors parking in our driveway. Our driveways are connected and they keep parking there car half in ours and half in theres. It dosent really bother me, but my husband gets pissed because he hates them with a passion. Anyways. our landlord is going to build a wall to seperate the driveways so we dont have to deal with them.
Nick graduates from NTTS trucking school next wednesday. Im excited for him. But he is having a rough week this week. He has failed 2 of his driving tests. He has had a 95-96 average the entire year. and has gotten great marks on all his road rides. So Im not sure what is going on with him this week. I hope he can pull it together and pass his finals.
Skie is doing great. She only has 4 weeks left of school. Im planning a Graduation party for her class. They will be in First grade next year!! So Im going to put together a little party for them at the park!
Father's day is next month and we have decided to do a BBQ at my father's house. Im supplying all the food since Im the coupon queen and have a surplus of food! And I never mind sharing, or helping when I can. Im always giving my father 100's of dollars worth of food because him and his wife are having a rough time. He is on dissability, and my step mom is In and out of the hospital with mental issues. So with her in the hospital she isn't working, and she is out of sick time as well as vacation time. I just do what ever I can to help him.
Oh! big news... Tomorrow Im going to get my permit! It will be the second time getting it. The last time I let it expire. I should have gotten my licence but I was always to scared to drive. But now I absolutly need to. With my husband going to be a trucker, he won't be home to take me where I wana go. Plus Im looking forward to my indipendence. Not having to relly on anyone to take me somewhere.
Well, I better get back to reading the permit book. bye for now!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here is a new sleep number contest that was emailed to me by Natasha over at Sleep Number!

Hi Misty,

May is national Better Sleep Month—and since many of us are sleep deprived or sleeping poorly it’s a great month to stop and think about ways to sleep better this summer like ways to save money on great products that can help us sleep better! Select Comfort will be offering several Memorial Day Sleep Number bed and bedding collection sales this month along with an online sweepstakes for a chance to win some free Sleep Number products. Details are summarized below:

Sleep Tips:

Many moms, dads and kids are sleep deprived or sleep poorly. Sleep helps our bodies recuperate, stave of illness, and function better- emotionally and physically!

Select Comfort’s Vice President of Sleep Innovation and Clinical Research, Pete Bils– who has been researching sleep for more than ten years– has sleep advice to help people sleep better. Do you know what the best sleep temperature is? When you’re supposed to exercise before bedtime? How about watching TV? Pete’s 10 tips can be found at

Sale Details (5/16/10- 6/6/10):

Save $800 on Queen & King Sleep Number® Performance Series Special Edition bed sets. Hurry, available only while supplies last! Queen Sleep Number c2 mattresses are $699.99 and Temperature Balance (do you sleep hot or cold?) bedding solutions are 30% off. The Memorial Day Sale ends June 6, 2010!
From 5/23-5/29 you also can save 20% on the Precision Comfort Adjustable Base

Enter for Chance to Win FREE Sleep Number® Products:

Sleep Number Summer Sweeps: Go to to enter for the chance to win a Queen Sleep Number® i10 bed set, including one Queen In-Balance blanket, one Queen In-Balance Sheet set with two standard pillow cases, and two Natural Foam pillows and home delivery. (ARV: $4,925.00)

Look for more details on, via the Sleep Number Facebook page or on Twitter @SleepNumberDeal. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me. Enjoy!

I suggest you enter. I won a P5 bed set from sleep number just a few weeks ago. And I am in love with this bed. I have never slept so well! Thank you Sleep Number!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Keri in Claremont, CA owns an Etsy shop called Beading Fiend! She was so kind to allow me to review her wonderful jewelry. She sent me a pair of earrings. Beautiful Blue earrings. They arrived in a beautiful sachet tied with blue ribbon. Below I will share some pictures. I loved these earrings the minute I set eyes on them. It's a beautiful collection of blue and pearl colored beads. I wore them out to the store and received compliments from the cashier at the market. And of course I shared with her where to find these gorgeous earrings.

Here is a bit about Keri and her shoppe!

Hi there! I'm brand new to Etsy, and I'm very eager to start sharing my love of jewelry making! I hand pick many of my beads from a local bead shop in Claremont, California, but I'm always on the lookout for stellar additions to my collection of materials everywhere I go. Small, independently run bead shops are my material source of choice.

Beading is one of my favorite ways to unwind, and when I'm done, I have something beautiful to show for it. I hope you like my work, and please contact me if you like an item but would prefer a different color or length in any of my jewelry. I will do my best to customize any item to the way you like it!

Here are more of her recent creations:

Gorgeous aren't they!? I will definitely be a long time customer of Keri's! Thank you Keri for allowing me this review. And the Earrings are absolutely gorgeous!

Everything above is completely my opinion and experience with Keri's shoppe! I was not paid to write this review. Thank You!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing much is going on here... Pretty boring day... ok days. Today 2 of the 4 boxes from select comfort arrived. The othr 2 will be here tomorrow or thursday. Im excited. Can't wait to get it put together. It looks pretty simple to get together so I may do it myself and surprise my husband... lol. Anyways. I have been crazy tired... all the time. And then last night I didnt sleep well at all, was awake at 4am. But I got a 2 hour nap this afternoon. I gotta figure out what to make for dinner. Im thinking maybe grilled cheese with tomato soup. yummmm. Looks like it is going to rain out. I transplanted some of my veggies to the ground since they got a nice start in the buckets. I will get more of them put in the ground probably tomorrow. Well, Im getting stuff ready for the village wide lawn sales on the 4-6th. And boy do I have a lot to get rid of! All year I stock pile stuff I get really cheap or even free using coupons and then get rid of it all when this weekend comes. Its fun, and plus I can maybe get my rent paid for this month If i make enough. I will be so happy when hubby gets on the road and starts bringing in a decent pay check. ok, tummy is rumbling! byez!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


yesterday Hubby and I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Skie had a free kids meal coin so we used that too! bonus! Well, we waited a while to be seated since it was really busy about 5pm. But the food is worth the wait! We ordered our meals and nick decided to order a margarita. oh it was good. and they put sugar around the rim of the glass! when he was licking the sugar off the rim he knicked his tounge on a spot that was broken. He let the waiter know and she was shocked. Her jaw dropped and then went to get the owner of the restaurant. He was awesome... Appolagized profusly. And offered hubby a drink on him. He continued to come back to our table to see how we where doing. Then when we where leaving he greeted us on our way out appolagizing again, gave our daughter a bag of peanuts and a toy. He was genuinly sorry. I really liked that he cared. It made our evening interesting. Oh and the food is AMAZING!
Today hubby is going to see a movie with a friend. This nice friend is paying for hubby to see the movie. how nice of him! :) Then when hubby is done we are doing my running around. Target, Michaels, Price Chopper, and Tops. Fun Fun!
Alright... need to clean house. byez!!
- Misty

Friday, May 14, 2010

ok, not really. but I been a little lost. I been entereing a few giveaways here and there. But usualy I would enter about 50 or more in one day. My brain is scattered. My husband graduates NTTS in about 3 weeks!! yay! I hope he signs on with a good company. I just worry about a litte blip in his criminal record that may prevent him from doing that. We all make mistakes... I hope an employer can see that. Hmmm. Im cooking some turnips on the stove... Im gonna eat those for lunch.. yumm!
Im still super excited about the sleep number bed. I had to mail my certificate to them so they could verify it. And then they will get the bed shipped to me! I can't wait! Skie will then have our queen size with 4 inches of memory foam. She won't know what to do! lol.
Anyways. Im super hungry so Im off... Be back soon!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 foot pool @ The Ethertons
Hayneedle Bouncehouse @ The Ethertons

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maria at Delinda Boutique on Etsy has grasiously allowed me to review her wonderful pillow covers and beautiful shoppe! She has sent me a beautiful 16 inch pink and purple pillow cover. My first impression of the pillow cover was WOW! That is beautiful! It looks luxurious and a satin feel to it! I jumped to find a pillow that would fit. I used my husbands dragon pillow and it fits perfectly! It was easy to put the cover on. And it looks amazing! The stitching is beautiful and adds more detail to this lovely design.

My daughter as you can see... liked the new addition to her bed! And the cat.. Misa had to sniff it! lol. Here is a little bit about Maria and her shop;
This cozy shop is the place to find a variety of handcrafted originals at affordable prices - acrylic and oil paintings and one of a kind or limited edition handmade cushion covers and throw pillow cases.


Each painting is shipped to you straight out of my studio and comes signed by me and with a certificate of authenticity.
I enjoy bringing you unique and creative artworks at the best prices! And I'm offering some of my paintings as reproductions printed on high quality embossed canvas-like paper hand signed by me. So - custom orders are welcome!
My paintings are mostly sold in galleries and on expositions. Many of them are part of private collections all over the world. In consequence of increasing popularity, each original is a very good investment with increasing value. For more details visit my home page


Each item is made in my smoke and pet free home studio in Bulgaria with special care, attention to detail, and a passion for handcrafted loveliness. All the fabrics used are pre-washed and ironed by me in order to prevent shrinkage.
I collected nearly all of my fabrics and laces on visits in Europe. That's why there are limited quantities of each item. Other fabrics I even painted and dyed by myself so you never have to worry about someone having the same one, it can be as unique as you are. I also use some vintage and recycled fabrics - when I need a certain color for achieving a perfect combination. So my prices depend on the fabric and the design.

Here are a few sample pictures from her lovely shop

Arn't they just lovely!
oh and look at these beautiful pieces of art!

Here is some information she shared with me...
I have an arts degree, majoring in fine art. I am mainly a painter and interior designer, but I love sewing and designing soft furnishings. I use quality materials and designer fabrics from Spain, Belgium and Italy. Some of the fabrics are even hand painted by me. No two pieces are ever exactly the same because I love individuality.

I’ve been sewing as long as I can remember. As a child – dresses for my dolls, later – clothes for me on my mom’s sewing machine. I bought my first sewing machine when I was in the university.

I started DELINDA CUSHION BOUTIQUE / just over 5 months ago when I made a Roman shades for my bed room window and remembered how much I LOVED to sew, and discovered how many gorgeous fabrics are out there now! I also had a nice collection of fabrics and laces in my home from my visits in Europe. I love cushions and throw pillows so it was a logical next step. I had already known about Etsy, checked out the pillow section there and it was HUGE! I knew that ETSY is a nice platform for an online crafty business and I started.

My philosophy – I’m offering one of a kind or limited edition handcrafted originals at affordable prices. I can’t agree that a pillow could cost hundreds of dollars just because of the label. And I rarely make an ordinary pillow. I think everyone could find a nice fabric and sew 4 or 6 seams. I think my customers deserve more. I treat every pillow as a painting – a nice combination of colors and materials, made with love for pleasure and fun. That’s why everyone has it’s beautiful name – my creations are like my children.

My inspiration Рall kinds and forms of art and fashion now and before. For an example - my Michelle design is inspired by Belle Epoque Paris. I made it after watching the Stephen Frears's movie "Ch̩ri" with Michelle Pfeiffer and I gave her name to the model.

Lately I added some of my small paintings. here is my artist's web page

I love all the detail she puts into each and every piece in her shoppe.
I deffinetly look forward to visiting her shop when I redecorate my home!
Thank you Maria!! I love the pillow cover!!

kidcraft giveaway @ piece of me!

Monday, May 10, 2010

This past weekend was amazing. I can't remember a moment where I wasnt smiling! Hubby came home friday night like normal and he knew I was busy with mothers day preperations so he cooked dinner. Then I needed more powdered sugar so we he took me to the store! Then he continued to help me by doing dishes and laundry. He continued this all weekend long. I was very happy he was being so helpful. Then on Saturday as my mothers day gift he took me to Michaels! I love that craft store.. I could live in there! He let me get anything I wanted, wich was hard because I have a hard time justifying paying anything more than a dollar for something! LOL, but I got a new brownie pan. And Skie wanted to do a project for me for mothers day. So I picked a very pretty bird house. We picked up some paint for her to paint it! It's beautiful. My husband got a big wooden dragon/phenix puzzle thing. Its pretty cool. Then we went home so I could continue to work on preperations. My mother, little brother, big brother, and big brothers wife, and my dad were comeing to visit on Sunday for brunch that I made. It was great. I was so happy to have everyone here. And I love to cook! So I made Waffles, french toast casserole, sausage casserole, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage links, chocolate dipped strawberries, homemade brownies, 3 layer cake, fruit salad, as well as a variety of fruit to eat. It was great. Everyone left stuffed! Then after everyone went home we took a nap for about 3 hours! Then got up about 4pm and ate, then went grocery shopping. In total of everything I made, I used 5 dozen eggs!! lol... ya!
Here are some pictures;
This is my little brother. He is Brian, 18 yrs old, senior in high school. Going in the reserves.
This is my daughter, and my mom.
The chocolate dipped strawberries I made!
Here is the 3 layer cake I made. Its called Cascading Violet mothers day cake!

Skie likes it when I make cakes!
Bibble... Everybody loves bibble!
My dad, Nick, Older brother, and skie... All watching the tv. Nick and my brother (Michael) are playing a game on the Xbox360
The birdhouse Skie painted for me!!
My brother's Wife (Bridget) and my husband nick.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ok, these are probably small in your book, but in mine... wow!! Today I managed to change the faucet on my sink.. we had bought a new faucet for the bathroom sink and it has been sitting in the box in the bathroom since before christmas! And today I just got tired of seeing it.. so I installed it!! here is a pic...

Isn't it perrrty! heheheh! I can't believe I did it all by myself!!

Then while cleaning the bathroom I realized I didnt have any more soap for the automatic lysol soap dispenser. so... thinking how I could get more soap into the bottle I decided I would use the medicine dispenser that sucks up the medicine and suck up dish soap and put it into the little hole of the bottle! WALA!! more soap in the bottle! And I didn't even need to pay 3 or 4 bucks to get a refill!! hahahah! Lysol YOU LOSE!! lol. yay! me!

I feel smart today :)

Charm Factory Locket @ Annies Home

Gilberts Goodies @ Annies Home

Little Miss Grippy @ Annies home

Easy Lunchboxes @ A Nut in a Nutshell

Random Line @ A Latte in the Morning

Who doesn't love free money?!?! I know I do. That's why I am loving this site I found a few weeks ago, InstantCashSweepstakes! It's a really neat concept and it's 100% FREE!!

All you do is sign up and answer short and fun 3 question surveys. You can do about 5 or so every 3 hours and win tickets, coins and MONEY!! You use the tickets and coins to get entries into the daily drawings for $50 and the weekly $250 drawing. They pay thru PayPal and allow you to cash out with as little as $2 in your account.

The best part is that every time a friend that you invited wins, you get the same prize! Just think... if you have 100 friends that all play and win 10 cents a day, you can earn $10 a day and you don't have to do a thing!! You even win a matching prize if a friend wins the $50 or $250 drawing! Pretty cool, right?

So... sign up today and we can all start winning some money! If you don't like it, there's no pressure to keep playing, but I'm betting you will stick with it! I am totally addicted and hope you like it as much as I do! I'm not saying you will win millions, but I love that it allows me a little extra spending money!

I borrowed this posting from Dore's Diaries!
Thank You!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Evening!

My daughter and me ............
It's been a few days since I really wrote anything. I been so excited about winning the Sleep Number bed! So far all I know is they are sending a certificate in the mail. Then I have to call and order the bed, and shipping is included! yay!! Im excited. I have always had horrible time sleeping (ok, not always, ever since I had my daughter) and im hopping that this bed may just be what I need. I hope! Anyways. The the weather has been gorgeous. We did get some rain on and off but otherwise it has been sunny and warm. Skie even been in her pool already! She loves the water! But a 2 days after getting her pool blown up it started to deflate. So now we gotta buy her a new one. Im hopeing to get her one this weekend.

She is such a camera hog! lol... but she shure is cute!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Good Night!

Wilton Giveaway @ The Shopping Mama

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On April 27th, I contacted Rachel at The Hobby Shoppe to offer her a review of her wonderful unique gifts. She was so excited and shipped a lovely shabby chick wooden welcome frame. My first opinion was wow! That was FAST shipping. She had it to me in 3 Days!! From kentwood, Louisiana to New York. She packaged it very nicely. Wrapped in a very colorful tissue paper. And with it a business card and a personal note... With the way it arrived I wouldn't have had to do anything to give it as a gift. It was so nicely wrapped and tied with a piece of twine. Very nice presentation.

I love this Frame. looks rustic and antique like. The welcome design is so simple and stylish. Behind the letter is a print of scenery. It looks to be some roosters, trees and women. It's very beautiful. It also features a hook. I'm not sure what I would hang on it. Maybe a scarf or something simple.

I am very pleased with this piece. I have decided to hang it near the entrance of my home....
Here is a bit about Rachel...

How did you get into making Personalized Gifts?
I began scrapbooking when my oldest boys were younger but I grew tired of just scrapbooking. I found a lot of beautiful paper and that with decoupage medium, I could put paper on different things. I like to take old or used items and repurpose them or make them better. I love pictures especially of my family and discarded frames are very easy to find. But I like to take old wood to make plaques with different sentiments.

What is your favorite item from your line and why?
My decorative hooks are one of my favorite although I made several plaques with saying on them that I like too. I really like to put names on different items so that they are very personal for the person receiving it.

Is there something you have always wanted to make but haven't had the time?
I want to make baby books out of paper bags...I made one my for niece and her new son last year. I'm just kinda stumped on how to begin those. But in general there's not enough time in the day to make all the things I want to make.

How long have you been selling on Etsy? Do you sell on Etsy full time or do you have a day job?
I have been with Etsy since March 13, 2010. At this time, my shop is my full time job although I'm far from making full time pay.

What, if any, formal training have you had in your craft?
I don't have any formal training in my craft. I have been to several scrapbooking events and workshops. I grew up with do it yourself parents who always had a project going. The day was not accomplished if you didn't sew something, fix something or build something. My parents also did their own home improvement projects so I learned to do things to help fix up my home. Repurposing items helps to save money and our planet.

What made you decide to open up shop on Etsy?
I found Etsy several months before Christmas last year after goggling on the internet. I always wanted to open a shop but a physical shop has lots more overhead. I was so busy with work and my family that I didn't have time to make my items, I made a few here and there for gifts. I was laid off from my job at a local hospital in March 2010 and the next week I opened my Etsy shop. I feel it was God who worked all things out so I could open my shop.

Where did your shop name come from?
When I was a little girl, there was a store near my home called The Hobby Shop. They made big fluffy dolls with long yarn hair. They also taught sewing and ceramics classes. The Hobby Shop has long closed but I still remember going in there and seeing people make stuff. It inspired me. Even though my shop is called The Hobby Shoppe, I want to make this my business so that I can stay home and take care of my husband and 3 children and contribute some to the family income.

And there you have it, Rachel and The Hobby Shoppe. I had such a great time working with Rachel. She was kind enough to provide this beautiful rustic wall hook frame. She is very friendly and fun to work with. All the above is my opinion, I hope you enjoy!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Artskills Giveaway @ Cocktails With Mom

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away ThemeNaps!

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away Photo Card Creations!

Mingle Over Mocha is giving away Kismet Boutique bracelet!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soccer Mom!

Today I became a soccer mom! I signed Skie up for AYSO. She is so thrilled! They won't start practicing until the first weekend in July, but we went right to Target to get her shin guards, ball and some cones for practicing in the yard. I hope to be able to get her a small goal post soon. Anyways... She is super excited!!
Nick is home for the weekend. He almost wasn't going to be here this weekend since his dad is in the hospital where he is attending school so I had told him to stay and be with him. But he came home this morning since his dad was doing better.
We are about to call it a night.. tired out.
Tomorrow we are going to BBQ. I invited some friends and family so I hope it will be a good time.
Good night!