Monday, February 28, 2011

What an amazing opportunity this was to review for Build A Sign!
I was able to pick from there signs and then put all the text in and design it. It was very easy. I picked a Magnetic Sign so it could be placed on a vehicle for constant advertisement. They offer these magnetic signs in many different designs templates, including General Business, Real estate, Contractor service, Landscaping Service, Promotional, Events, Bumper Magnets, and Vinyl Lettering. Then there are create your own with any colors, available in 6"X18" and 12"x24". I choose a General Business magnetic sign, then in that category I picked the "computer Repair" one. But I used this design for my fathers Photography business. It was very easy to design this with the business name, phone number, description of business, and website. After I placed the order it arrived in about a week. I was amazed at how quick it was created and shipped. And how absolutely beautiful this sign was! It looks exactly as I had created it on the website. The whole design is very smooth and clean. Very nice.
This sign is very durable, very heavy. My father was very surprised and very happy with these signs. He is waiting for the yucky winter to go away to put it on his van, witch happens to be blue! So this will be nice addition to his van.

Well, besides the Magnetic Signs Build A sign also has Banners, Real Estate Signs, Parking Signs, Street Signs, and Plywood Signs.
Also so much more:

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to advertise anything, or just add a nice decoration to there home or vehicle! Hope you enjoyed this review, everything wrote here is by me, is my own opinion. I did not receive payment for this review, (2) Identical Magnetic signs were provided to construct this review. Thank you to Melissa Pont @ Build A Sign for this opportunity.

** Also If you would like to do a review for Build A Sign feel free to contact Melissa Pont @ **

I forgot to post yesterday.
Anyways, yesterday was easy.
I was feeling nautious in the morning, but I sat down for a bit and drank some water and ate a couple strawberries. That helped and the rest of the day was fine.
For lunch I ate a sliced tomato.
For dinner I ate boiled chicken and broccoli.
Then my snack was an orange.
Later in the evening i ate a few strawberries.
I drank water all day.

I visited my father yesterday and my diet stayed right on track. He kept offering me coffee and then oatmeal, and then burger king. I said nope... im good, every time!
Today my weight is at 197, so that is 6 pounds down.
Today I have eaten a few stawberries and been drinking a bunch of water! I will probably have some broccoli soon for lunch and a boiled egg.

That's about all thats going on with that.
Check back soon to see my progress!!

This is day 3 @ 198ish pounds

This is Today (day 4) @ 197 pounds... and I painted my toes!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow... this has been difficult.
First of all yesterday was day two of phase two, witch means very low calorie diet for me. 500 calories! well hubby picks up Chinese take out for dinner. I was good and didn't have any. but boy did it smell so good.
Well all that effort paid off, I weighed myself this morning and I was at 199lb!
That would be 4 pounds lost!
Well today was good, i was so tempted when making dinner for hubby and daughter. I made them slow cooked spareribs with cheesy pasta and cream corn. But I made my self some boiled chicken, and asparagus for dinner. It was good, and found myself full before eating half of it. Also today I had a boiled egg for lunch. I wasn't hungry most of the day. I did the drops as scheduled. Except I find it easier to do 12 drops at once 3 times a day rather then 6 drops 6 times a day.
Well for a snack tonight I ate a few strawberries and a couple black raspberries. Not even sure if I'm allowed to have raspberries.
I just took a shower and weighed myself afterward and the scale reads 198! yes... I lost a pound today!! I'm so happy.
I got to the grocery store today and picked up a lot of veggies. Cabbage, raddishes, cucumbers, apples, oranges, strawberries, and broccoli. yummmm!
I will have boiled chicken again tomorrow night. Its actually pretty good with some garlic on it!
well, that is whats up with my weight loss journey.
comments are welcome :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I started the HCG diet 4 days ago. I did the phase 1 and loaded on the fat and calories and tons of crap I won't be eating for the next 30 days. Yesterday was day 2 of phase 2. My calories are restricted to 500 a day. So all I ate was an apple for breakfast, asparagus for lunch and an orange for dinner. And of course too the HCG Drops. I am down 3 pounds already. I started at 203lb. Now I'm at 200lb. I want to lose about 50lb total, but Im sure with this round I will only lose about 20-30lb. About a 1 pound a day. But then I will do another 30 day round until I get to the weight I want.
It was really hard preparing dinner for my husband and daughter last night. It was only fish sticks, mac and cheese, and green beans... but oh did I want that. But I have lots of will power to keep going strong. Stick to this diet.
I did have a headache yesterday, I'm sure that is the lack of caffeine because I won't drink black coffee. On this diet you can't have milk and sugar. Well you can actually one tablespoon of milk a day. Sorry, but that won't cut it for my coffee, and I need sugar in my coffee! lol.
So here I go into day 3 of phase 2! wish me luck!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Cupcakes

I made these last night with the extra cupcakes. Cute huh?!


Here are some cupcakes I did for my daughter's class for the 100th day of school.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I made cupcakes yesterday for my husbands co-workers. And wanted to share them with all of you.
I made these gorgeous Valentines Day Cupcakes!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey! I have another awesome T-shirt review for you! Nachomama Tees has allowed me to review one of there T-shirts. These are funny and cute and so much fun. The variety of T-Shirts is stunning. They have vintage, Funny, offensive, Movie and Cool Tees. I choose the Cool Snuggie t shirt.

I know a lot of people that got a snuggie for Christmas and this would complement them very well. And since it is almost spring the light weight of this tee is great since you probably won't be wearing your snuggie again until fall. These great tees are made of 100% cotton and preshrunk. Witch is just how I like my Tees, certainly don't want them shrinking in the wash! I love this shirt, and I love the variety of other Tees to choose from. Certainly find something for anyone.

*This review was completely my own opinion and I was provided with a Tee for review. Thank you to Pete over at Nachomama Tees!!

Today I am posting about an awesome T-shirt shop. Crazy Dog T-Shirts! I had a great opportunity to review one of there shirts and I am very happy to have been chosen. They have such a great variety of shirts that I swear it took me about 30 min. just to pick one. In the Cool T-Shirts Category I choose the Squirrel ADD t-Shirt. What a funny shirt.First of all, Squirrels are sooo cute! And I choose this shirt because my sister has ADD and would certainly get a kick out of this shirt. I love the quality too, its 100% preshrunk cotton. Witch I think is great because I hate when T's shrink in the wash. I certainly would recomend not only this lovely T-shirt, but the variety of other T's as well.
They have so many category's such as 80's T-shirts, Cool T-Shirts, Hangover T-Shirts, Junk Food T-Shirts, and there are so many more... Including onesies and hoodies!

Check out there selections. I would love to know what you think of them.
Thanks for reading my review.
You can also find Crazy Dog T-Shirts on Facebook; HERE
Crazy Dog T-Shirts is also on Twitter; HERE

*This review was completly my opinion, only thing provided was the t-shirt i selected to preform the review. Thank you to Pete over at Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

I have been selected to do a review for Melissa at Build A Sign.
I got to pick a sign to be created and then it is shipped to me to preform this review. And you too can get in on this opportunity... contact Melissa at
Thank you to Melissa!
Be sure to look for my review in the next few weeks.