Friday, February 25, 2011

HCG Diet Phase 2

I started the HCG diet 4 days ago. I did the phase 1 and loaded on the fat and calories and tons of crap I won't be eating for the next 30 days. Yesterday was day 2 of phase 2. My calories are restricted to 500 a day. So all I ate was an apple for breakfast, asparagus for lunch and an orange for dinner. And of course too the HCG Drops. I am down 3 pounds already. I started at 203lb. Now I'm at 200lb. I want to lose about 50lb total, but Im sure with this round I will only lose about 20-30lb. About a 1 pound a day. But then I will do another 30 day round until I get to the weight I want.
It was really hard preparing dinner for my husband and daughter last night. It was only fish sticks, mac and cheese, and green beans... but oh did I want that. But I have lots of will power to keep going strong. Stick to this diet.
I did have a headache yesterday, I'm sure that is the lack of caffeine because I won't drink black coffee. On this diet you can't have milk and sugar. Well you can actually one tablespoon of milk a day. Sorry, but that won't cut it for my coffee, and I need sugar in my coffee! lol.
So here I go into day 3 of phase 2! wish me luck!!