Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am so tired tonight!
I made some yummy stuff today! First was chocolate covered strawberries, then cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Dinner was awesome too... Meatloaf and parmesan roasted potatoes. Hubby loved it!!
And now some pics....

Friday, October 28, 2011

I know, I know... I have failed my followers.
I haven't been around in almost 4 months!
I am very sorry!

A lot has happened. In August I started work, after being a stay at home mom for 7 years. I worked at McDonald's. And yes I said that right, "worked" because I got fired. Funny though that I got fired. I worked there for a little over 2 months. And hated every minute of it. Not because it was actual physical labor, but because of the idiots that worked there. Everyone hated there jobs and constantly complained about it. And while complaining made my job miserable. I didn't mind the work. Just do what I am told and get the hell out of there. Well, back to the reason I got fired; I was on closing shift so I go in at 8pm and work until we are done with all the cleaning. Every night I was assigned a specific area, such as Lobby or Wash. Well every night I would finish before everyone else simply because I did my work without bitching and without wandering around like an idiot with nothing to do. So with me being done I would go around asking if anyone else needed help with anything and then I would do what they asked me to do. Well this led to everyone asking me if I was done yet so I could help them do there job. So one night I asked a coworker if it was OK to leave when I was done since we didn't have any set time for our shift. He said "ya, I do it all the time." So I left when I was done and ignored everyone's requests for help. One morning I went in for breakfast and the store manager asked to speak to me, I told him I was busy and had to be somewhere and he said it wouldn't take long and as I am about to leave he follows me outside and tells me he has to let me go, and the reasoning was that I had left before the end of my shift 2 days in a row. And I told him what I was told and all he said was that he would address the issue and to turn in my uniforms when I could. So that was the end of my employment there. What is your opinion on this?

Also I started School for my GED in September! I attended classes at a local vocational school. And after only attending school for one month my teacher decided I was ready to take the GED. So after being out of school for almost 8 years I was going to take the GED! I have taken it and am now waiting for the results. I think I did ok, had a little trouble on the math, but it should be ok.

I have also started making Boutique hair bows for girls. They are simply beautiful! I will share some pictures below.

My daughter turned 7 this month on the 9th! She had an amazing birthday party at Old Mc Donalds Farm in Sackets Harbor, NY. And I have no pictures from that because my camera decided that it would "pretend" to take pictures but not save any!

My birthday is coming up on the 1st of next month, which is in like 3 days! My twin sister and I are going to a Greek restaurant called The Apallo for lunch :)

ok, now pictures....