Thursday, November 3, 2011

OK, cat is out of the bag! lol.

Hubby and I have been trying for this past month, but not really dedicated trying. More like hoping. I have PCOS, so that makes it a lot more difficult. Well this month we are charting and following the calendar! My period started today, so on Saturday (day 3) I start clomid (100mg) and take it for 5 days. Then I should start ovulating on the 11th through the 17th (days 9-15). And we will be testing with Clear Blue Ovulation tests to see when I surge. I should surge on the 15th. I hope :) Please wish us luck. We had tried for 5 years after our daughter was born with no luck. So I am feeling good about this!

My brother is living with us now. His wife kicked him out. I can understand why. He was so mean to her and insensitive. He just didn't care to make it work. So now he is here, we had a spare bedroom. He is paying rent, I don't offer a free ride! Him and my husband work at the same place so they have been carpooling. They actually work together. My husband got him the job there. So far things are ok with him living here.

Gosh, today I am cramping so bad. I just took 3 Midol and am contemplating a nap :)

Hope everyone is having a nice day!
Comments are nice!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Was That!?

Yesterday was my 27th Birthday. I share my birthday with my twin sister Tiffany. We had lunch at a Greek restaurant in town. It was so good! We exchanged gifts and had a nice lunch. My birthday wasn't all that great. Never really is. But my hubby was really sweet and my daughter and him make me a chocolate cake! He was going to make me dinner but Im not so good at sitting down and letting him do it! But I made a Cheesy Chicken Penne! OMG... it was sooo yummy! And so are the leftovers! lol. The cake was amazing too! It was a home made chocolate cake!

Well, while my birthday was nice at about 9pm last night I got what I thought was heartburn. (which I haven't gotten since I was pregnant for Skie) and it gradually got a lot worse and a lot more painful. It kept me awake till 3am and had me in tears. I was about to tell hubby we needed to go to the ER but he rubbed my back and all the pain went away. Not sure what was going on but if felt like i was in a vice that was being tightened and then released over and over. And nothing I did would relieve the pain! It was insane! I just don't know what it was. I feel ok today. Have had some back pain and a little pain in my chest today, but nothing like last night. If it happens again I am headed to the ER.

Today has been good, got some cleaning caught up and tried to take it easy.

so, have any of my readers experienced this kind of pain before?

Thanks for your opinions or suggestions!