Thursday, January 22, 2009

Made it Safe!

we are in NY, have been since Sunday night. we made the trip safe. actualy made some stupid mistakes, missed a few exits. and locked the keys in the car. lol. but everything else was fine. the last 300 miles was the longest, the exits where so far apart. We have been staying at his mothers house. we will be getting the power turned on at our place tomorrow. Then im staying at my mom's tomorrow night then going to my neices birthday party on saturday. we will be moving in this weekend. and getting all the cleaning done and organize our stuff. Things are going well, nick is getting into trucking school. We applied for assistance till we can get on our feet. I have a dr. appointment tuesday for a pain on my left side right below my ribs. we have a wic appointment on the 6th, skie will be 5 in october but we will take what we can to help us for now.
good night for now. xoxo

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be Back in a few days. Im traveling from Texas to NY.
wish us a safe trip please.

If i win anything and don't get to my email here is my address:
Misty VanEpps
139 Stuart St.
Watertown, NY

yea, i know i shouldnt put my address up here but anyone could type my name into google and get it. so im not to worried.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick... AGAIN!!

Sick Again... :(
God, just when i thought i was lucky to have only gotten sick once last year, i dont think this year will be so great. im already sick with a cold of some sort. got the runny nose, suffy head, swollen glands, cough, headace.... it goes on. but all i want to do is go to bed! I see Nyquil in my near future!Anyways, Skie pissed me off tonight. spilled like 3 cups of rice krispies on the floor in the kitchen, then broke my big white coffee cup. ugh. she is in her room taking a late nap, but i think if she wakes up before i go to bed i will just have her take a bath, eat and go back to bed. We started the morning of on a bad foot when the first thing she said is she is a good girl now and she wants the barbie mermaid i got her yesterday, i told her no. then about an hour later i told her if she picked up the living room she could have it, of course she didnt listen. so i made her clean the living room with out getting the barbie. I must be so mean. but god, its not that hard to pick up your own damn mess! *hint* (Husband needs to do the same)Im living on soup today, i made a hotdog soup and now im eating a ramen soup cup thingy. I know they are packed with calories and nasty fat, but i just dont care about much when i am sick. i just want to chill and relax as i eat things that are bad for me. oh well, theres alway another day.Im so tired of the stupid bullshit back home. nicks sister in law is retarded, has cheated on her husband since they been married, treated him and her kids like shit. and then thinks she is going to take the kids from him, just because she wants to. she lost that fight in court today. oh was she pissed. i also learned some other information im not able to repeat, but i knew it all along anyways. lol. I feel sorry for there 2 sons that have to suffer through this. some day they will realize all the stupidity that surrounds them. well, im outa here, byez.-Misty

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Grumpy Today

Im in a pissy mood today. not sure why. oh well. Skie is annoying me. Thinks she is getting something new everytime we go out. wich is kinda my fault cuz im always gettin her stuff. I got her a new mermaid barbie today, and she was spazing cuz i didnt give it to her right away so i decided to hold on to it till we leave for NY. She is now taking a nap.Well, Nicks cat Misa likes Rice krispies. lol. weirdo. lol.We went over to UPS to drop off some boxes, then to Ann's Linens, I got a new potholder, skie some princess cups, and a new pouf for the bath.Im thinking im taking a nap today. Im tired out. Just warn out. bye for now.. xoxo-Misty

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Want To Die!

Wants to curl up and DIE
Im not feeling well tonight. not sure if it is something i ate or what. This happens sometimes. thankfully not often. maybe once every 2-3 months i wake up in so much pain its hard to bare. but i dought its much to worry about. And i dont feel like being poked or proded to figure out what it is. Yesterday, or well, the night before i was sick horribly. i had drank 2 NOS energy shots and felt like i wanted to curl up in a corner to die. that certainlly didnt agree with my stomach. ugh. :(Anyways. its 3:37 am and im awake. i have already slept 6 hours, im still tired and could go back to sleep right now. wich i may after i get something to eat. im drinking some coke right now. yea, i know broke my winning streak of only water, but thats ok. im not feeling well, and all i want is coke. tomorrow is a new day. Skie had fun yesterday, we BBQ'd with our neighbors. had a great time. We supplied all the Steak, Ribs, Filet Minion, and Brisket, as well as home made mac-n-cheese and dinner rolls. plus i made rice krispie treats that dissapeared within minutes. lol. I should make some for nicks co-workers. they love it when i bake. Everyone around here is a big fan of my baking. Wich makes me happy, cuz i know im doing an amazing job. I know i still have a lot to learn and i am constantly being told "Misty, you should have your own Bakery!" and my reply is, "You're right, i should, some day i will" and im pretty sure i will some day. Right now i like doing just because it makes me happy. And i love seeing the look on everyones face when i bring them nice home made goodies. Well, guess i will get back to the emails i never got to yesterday. we been so busy shopping and getting all our errands done. bye for now. xoxo-misty

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Im takin a break from reading and writing emails.
Im pissed at my dishwasher. damn thing wont drain. And the thought of doing the dishes by hand isnt at all apealing to me. So i will have to wait till tomorrow to call the maintenence number and get this fixed. grrrr. I got the kitchen swept and the living room picked up. Need to vacume and then scrub the kitchen floor. as well as the bathroom and clean the litter box.. yuck!! I may tackle our bedroom today. (Maybe)
Well here is how im doing today:
Breakfast: 1 Piece of Toast 80c
1 Cup Coffee 50c
Lunch: Leftovers from last nights dinner (1cup) 300c
Water: 1 bottle so far.

Im doing ok, breakfast had a litle more calories than i would of liked. but im doin good. I think im hungry now, but im going to wait another hour or so till i make dinner. im thinking fish, baked potato, and peas.
bye for now. xoxo

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Hey, Good Morning! Well, its almost afternoon. I just got up at 11am, Nick and Skie brought be breakfast in bed. Coffee and toast, just right. Not to many calories. I got the whole bed to myself last night. Nick was nice enough to go out on the couch so i could actualy sleep. His snoring wakes me up.
Anyways. Today the only thing on my list is to call the Dr. to get an appointment this week, i hope. My Effexor runs out in about 5 days. If i dont have that i may go insane. And get really Sick. The other prescriptions i can probably do without for a bit, but not long.
Ugh, my apartment looks like a heard of Toddlers ran threw it. How is it id clean it and then turn around to find it destroyed. grrr. it never ends. Im feeling pretty lazy today. So i dunno if i will get much done today.
Nick and Skie are chillin on the floor watching Aladdin, Skie is also coloring some pages i had printed off-line. She is makine a pink dalmation! lol. Using the new markers i got her. They are Crayola 2 sided ones. There pretty cool. and she likes them.
Well, im off for now. look forward to another post later. xoxo

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Monday, January 5, 2009

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Damn, im blogging like crazy today. lol.


Breakfast: Hot cocoa

Lunch: Cup of soup 290



Anyways, for dinner im makeing a Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Bake. And of course the recipe dosent tell me what the calories are per serving. i will have to figure it out as i make it later.

Skie is pissed, told her to clean her room. but she wants to watch blues clues. Then i told her she couldnt have Kool-aid, that she has to have water. She already had 2 cups of Cocoa.


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Skie insisted on Celery for breakfast. im so proud of her. Her and I are enjoying Hot cocoa on this chilly morning. I plan to drink water the rest of the day. I also plan to get on the Wii at some point today. probably fairly soon since i havent eaten yet.

Im just chillin here listening to the 80's... love the 80's!!!

Im thinking i will just relax and watch a movie on Lifetime. I watched one last night called Girl Positive, it was about a girl in highschool, senior year that finds out she has HIV. It was a good movie, one i think all youngsters need to see.

oh shoot, i still gotta call the Dr. office to get an appointment. need my prescriptions refilled. And my 3 month check up for deppresion. Gotta keep that in check. I think im doing well, i wonder once i get healthier and lose a lot of this extra weight if i could come off the antideppresants. i hope. im tired of taking them. I do dread comeing off of them. thats the hard part. I would love to not depend on them to keep me going every day. It really is a hassel. But i am thankful to have them, and good insurance. Guess i better get on the phone. bye for now!

-Misty xoxoxo

Januarty 5, 2009 (Part 1)
Good Morning! Im bairly awake. Need coffee. I should of picked up some Maxwell House at walmart yesterday, ugh, but i got some coffee from Target anyways. Maxwell House is my favorite. Just like my father. God, I can't wait to get home to see him, I miss him so much. Just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. We used to almost every day when i lived in NY.

Anyways. Nothing planned for today. Just gonna clean and possibly make some brownies and or Rice Krispie Treats. I need to go turn the heat up, its cold in here. well, i have about 50 emails to read, i'll be back later!



This is my daughter Skie, she is 4. She is wearing her new Tinkerbell PJ's

Christmas picture i took of skie.



Skie and her best friend Ryan.



This is me. nothing all that great.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009 (Part 3)
Hey its me again, i got a nap today. Skie actualy went willingly. so i was thankful since i had been up since 5am. Wow, its chilly in here. gotta turn the heat on. Nick is home from work, and cleaned the kitchen for me. heheeh! one less thing i have to do.
Anyways. Im surprised at how stupid some people can be, well really not this particulary person. They have always been stupid, but it still amazes me that they never learn from there mistakes. The are selfish, abusive and totaly trash in my eyes. Just wasted space on this earth. Certainly someone who should of never had kids if they are just going to abuse them and think they are going to get away with it. And then they wonder why shit happens the way it does. its pathetic and disgusting. It's a new level of stupid. This particular person needs mental help. In a very serious way.
Well, im going to spend my evening curled up on the couch under my nice coumfy blanket. Nick made us a snack... Celery with peanut butter. yummy. Skie seemed to like it. We decided on Breakfast for dinner. i didnt feel like cooking. I had french toast, skie and nick had eggs and toast.
So, bye for now. xoxo

Half of the cleaning is done, and i have been to walmart and back. I needed broccoli for a recipe i am trying tonight. pluse little odds and ends (milk, bread, eggs, cereal...) I even got my feline babys a few more toys. Not that they need any more but they like them, i swear they have over 50 toys. but it is fun to watch them play. Oh, i also picked up a case of water, YES i said WATER, one of my resolutions is to DRINK MORE WATER. Can't be that hard. It will cut many calories out of my diet. All the sugar in Soda and Kook-aid is insane. Juse one step closer to a healthier me.
Today i am going to show Skie the wonders of Celery with peanut butter on it. Just another healthy snack instead of cookies or candy.
I just seen skie picking her nose!! yea, so i ask her "anything good in there?" she said " yea, boogers" i was like "get a tissue" she says "tissue wont get them out, i gotta get them with my finger" hahhahaha! i thought that was funny. She is chillin in the livin groom curled up in a chair with her blanket watching Cinderella II. I dont think a day goes by that she dosent watch it, and i swear i know every word to it. lol.
Bibble is eating a cucumber peal, my cats are wierd. lol. They eat Broccoli and peas as well. lol. Healthy kitties.
Anyways, i think i may make some rice krispie treats for a neighbor of mine's son, he just returned from the hospital for an athsma atack. i think he will enjoy some goodies. Or i may try out my new brownie decorating kit and may some chocolaty goodness. hmmm. ponder ponder... could do both.
Well, off the clean the kitchen. xoxo

La. father accused of killing son owed $4K..
NEW ORLEANS – A father accused of killing his 2-year-old son in New Orleans over child support apparently owed his estranged wife $4,000.
The boy's mother, Daniella Powell, said Sunday she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when Danny Platt picked up the boy Friday for a weekend visit.
But a few hours later, she says Platt called her and told her that Ja'Shawn Powell had been kidnapped. She says Platt then gave her conflicting stories about how the boy was abducted.
Police say the 22-year-old Platt made up a story about his son being kidnapped and later confessed to the killing. He told authorities where to find the boy's body Saturday.
The boy's mother said Platt learned last month that he owed back child support.

This is so sad, and im very disgusted by this fucking bastard. he deserves to die. that poor kid. god only knows what he went though.

Well, I have been up since 5am!! That would be when Nick got into bed and right away started snoring!!! god, i can't sleep with him in the same room. It's annoying!!!
Anyways, it's about 11:30, im getting ready to go to Walmart, get some groceries and the news paper. fun fun. I was hopeing to get some cleaning done today, but with the 4 hours of sleep i go i dont think much will get done. Skie is being fairly behaved for now. The cats have been driving me crazy all morning, running all over the place making a bunch of noise. ugh...
I did watch a couple movies this morning, one was Sex Diaries, the other Daughter Of The Bride. both are great movies, and you can watch them on
Well, gotta put my face on and get to the store. bye!


Some owners say the cost of testing for toxic lead and phthalates will shut their businesses. The law goes into effect Feb. 10.
By Alana Semuels January 2, 2009
Barring a reprieve, regulations set to take effect next month could force thousands of clothing retailers and thrift stores to throw away trunkloads of children's clothing. The law, aimed at keeping lead-filled merchandise away from children, mandates that all products sold for those age 12 and younger -- including clothing -- be tested for lead and phthalates, which are chemicals used to make plastics more pliable. Those that haven't been tested will be considered hazardous, regardless of whether they actually contain lead."They'll all have to go to the landfill," said Adele Meyer, executive director of the National Assn. of Resale and Thrift Shops.The new regulations take effect Feb. 10 under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which was passed by Congress last year in response to widespread recalls of products that posed a threat to children, including toys made with lead or lead-based paint.Supporters say the measure is sorely needed. One health advocacy group said it found high levels of lead in dozens of products purchased around the country, including children's jewelry, backpacks and ponchos.
Lead can also be found in buttons or charms on clothing and on appliques that have been added to fabric, said Charles Margulis, communications director for the Center for Environmental Health in Oakland. A child in Minnesota died a few years ago after swallowing a lead charm on his sneaker, he said.But others say the measure was written too broadly. Among the most vocal critics to emerge in recent weeks are U.S.-based makers of handcrafted toys and handmade clothes, as well as thrift and consignment shops that sell children's clothing."We will have to lock our doors and file for bankruptcy," said Shauna Sloan, founder of Salt Lake City-based franchise Kid to Kid, which sells used children's clothing in 75 stores across the country and had planned to open a store in Santa Clara, Calif., this year. There is the possibility of a partial reprieve. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is responsible for enforcing the law, on Monday will consider exempting clothing and toys made of natural materials such as wool or wood. The commission does not have the authority to change the law but can decide how to interpret it.But exempting natural materials does not go far enough, said Stephen Lamar, executive vice president of the American Apparel and Footwear Assn. Clothes made of cotton but with dyes or non-cotton yarn, for example, might still have to be tested, as would clothes that are cotton-polyester blends, he said. "The law introduces an extraordinarily large number of testing requirements for products for which everyone knows there's no lead," he said. Clothing and thrift trade groups say the law is flawed because it went through Congress too quickly. By deeming that any product not tested for lead content by Feb. 10 be considered hazardous waste, they contend, stores will have to tell customers that clothing they were allowed to sell Feb. 9 became banned overnight. These groups say the law should be changed so that it applies to products made after Feb. 10, not sold after that date. That would take action by Congress, however, because the Consumer Product Safety Commission's general counsel has already determined that the law applies retroactively, said commission spokesman Scott Wolfson.The regulations also apply to new clothing. That won't be a problem for large manufacturers and retailers, industry experts say, but it will be a headache for small operators such as Molly Orr, owner of Molly O Designs in Las Vegas.Orr has already produced her spring line of children's clothes. She says she can't afford the $50,000 it would cost to have a private lab test her clothing line, so she's trying to sell her inventory at a steep discount before Feb. 10. After that, she is preparing to close her business."We have a son with autism, so we are all about cleaning up the toxins that our children are exposed to," she said. "But I think the law needs to be looked at more closely to see how it is affecting the economy in general."Thrift store owners say the law stings because children's garments often come in new or nearly new, because children typically outgrow clothing quickly.Carol Vaporis, owner of Duck Duck Goose Consignment in New Port Richey, Fla., said her store stocks barely used brand-name clothing from places such as Limited Too and Gymboree. "We really provide a service to the community to help people get clothes for their children they otherwise couldn't afford," she said.Families have been bringing more clothes to consignment stores, where they get a chunk of the proceeds, to earn a little cash this winter, she said. She plans to contact her congressional representatives and senators to ask them to amend the law but says there's not enough awareness about the repercussions of the law to force anything to change.Many retailers and thrift stores appear to be unaware that the law is changing. Of half a dozen Southern California children's thrift stores contacted by The Times, only one had heard of the law. Organizations such as Goodwill say they're still investigating how the law will affect them because there is so much confusion about what will be banned. Cynthia Broockman, who owns two consignment stores and a thrift shop in Virginia, recently stopped accepting children's products for resale. That raised the ire of a man who was trying to sell his son's castoffs there and had not heard of the new rules. "I think it's not understood by people how sweeping and far-reaching this is," she said. "The ripples that are going to go forth from this are just astonishing."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Its been almost 1 year married to Nick. He truley is a wonderful man. A great father and amazing husband. And i am proud to say my Best Friend. He is the only one i can tell anything to, and not be judged. I was skinny and gorgeous when we first dated, and now im fat, and not so gorgeous. But he loves me for me. I wonder what we will do for our anniversary on the 18th. Havn't really thought about it.
Anyways, today was a LAZY day. I did minimal things around the apartment. Cleaned the kitchen up a bit and that was all. I took a nap around 3pm till about 6pm. Its been muggy, and no AC. Nick did all the cooking the last 2 days, made me dinner and even served me. He takes good care of me. Skie was fairly good today, cleaned up the living room like she was told. She has been playing her Leapster Click Start a lot, she is learning so much. matching shapes, learning ABC's and Numbers. She also loves her Leapster 2, its a little handheld game thingy, i got her the princess game to go with it. I need to get a memory card for it as well, so i can download a couple games for her. I plan on getting her the Leapster TAG system soon, i know she will love that.
Tomorrow is gonna hopefully be a productive day. I got a lot of cleaning that needs to get done, laundry folded, floors vacumed, and bathroom scrubbed. Gotta go to Walmart to get my news paper, and few groceries. And nick has to work at 2pm. but only untill about 6 or 7pm.
I visited with my neighbors in the Cabana for a bit last night. Marggie got skie some more Pajamas and cute little princess soaps. Everyone is so sweet and caring. Like my family away from home. I cleaned Brooks Apartment as well yesterday. did it in an hour and got paid $40! lol. Im thinking i may just stick to cleaning peoples homes... its not that hard. and the money is good. i dont know. just a thought i guess. I still love my baking and am thinking about doing some cute brownies for my friends. but i gotta find some kind of ambition to get it done. I got some cute brownie stencils and cutters at michaels. As well as the decorating kit. So im excited to use it. I got a box of 100 decorating bags, so i dont think i will run out of those any time soon. Im getting tons of tips for decorating, and probably have over 50 now. I need to get an organizer for them all. right now they are in a pencil box.
Well, this is all for tonight. gonna go surf the net for a bit then get a shower. and off to bed. good night all, xoxo

check out The Key To Vintage Charm

Juicy Christians is giving away a $15 Shopping Spree to their shop.


Im getting pretty darn good at winning stuff, just yesterday i won Zenses, and a $25 Build a bear gift card, Today, i won another $25 Build a bear gift card. im supper stoked.
I have won a couple books and a bracelet.
oh, the first thing i won just before christmas was a Leapster 2 for my darling daughter. That really mad my christmas great for our little girl.
Its pretty fun entering and hopeing to win.
Im gonna keep entering and crossing my fingers. I like being a winner!
I also think i would like to do reviews, and giveaways. looks like so much fun.
Im not sure how to go about it though. but im sure i will figure it out.
Also, i have 3 Followers now. yippee! hugs to you all!!

win a bath and body works gift card. also a MARK gift card. hurry hurry... go win. i hope i do. i love bath and body works.

win a bath and body works gift card. also a MARK gift card. hurry hurry... go win. i hope i do. i love bath and body works.
i hope i win, been trying for 4 years. wish me luck!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

yogoa giveaway

Thursday, January 1, 2009

mommy mandy is giving away personalized fruit roll ups.

go check out these amazingly cute letters that are being given away over at Nursery Murals and more. very cute!!!