Sunday, January 11, 2009

Want To Die!

Wants to curl up and DIE
Im not feeling well tonight. not sure if it is something i ate or what. This happens sometimes. thankfully not often. maybe once every 2-3 months i wake up in so much pain its hard to bare. but i dought its much to worry about. And i dont feel like being poked or proded to figure out what it is. Yesterday, or well, the night before i was sick horribly. i had drank 2 NOS energy shots and felt like i wanted to curl up in a corner to die. that certainlly didnt agree with my stomach. ugh. :(Anyways. its 3:37 am and im awake. i have already slept 6 hours, im still tired and could go back to sleep right now. wich i may after i get something to eat. im drinking some coke right now. yea, i know broke my winning streak of only water, but thats ok. im not feeling well, and all i want is coke. tomorrow is a new day. Skie had fun yesterday, we BBQ'd with our neighbors. had a great time. We supplied all the Steak, Ribs, Filet Minion, and Brisket, as well as home made mac-n-cheese and dinner rolls. plus i made rice krispie treats that dissapeared within minutes. lol. I should make some for nicks co-workers. they love it when i bake. Everyone around here is a big fan of my baking. Wich makes me happy, cuz i know im doing an amazing job. I know i still have a lot to learn and i am constantly being told "Misty, you should have your own Bakery!" and my reply is, "You're right, i should, some day i will" and im pretty sure i will some day. Right now i like doing just because it makes me happy. And i love seeing the look on everyones face when i bring them nice home made goodies. Well, guess i will get back to the emails i never got to yesterday. we been so busy shopping and getting all our errands done. bye for now. xoxo-misty


Zipporah said...

Misty - I hope that you're feeling better today. That's just the WORST. UGH. So, when are you going to share your wonder recipes? Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog on Timeless Bliss. Come visit at

JenReg said...

WOW - that's terrible...I hope you'll be feeling much better soon! I'm following your blog now...if you'd like to follow mine or just check it out it's: