Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009 (PART 1)

Hey, Good Morning! Well, its almost afternoon. I just got up at 11am, Nick and Skie brought be breakfast in bed. Coffee and toast, just right. Not to many calories. I got the whole bed to myself last night. Nick was nice enough to go out on the couch so i could actualy sleep. His snoring wakes me up.
Anyways. Today the only thing on my list is to call the Dr. to get an appointment this week, i hope. My Effexor runs out in about 5 days. If i dont have that i may go insane. And get really Sick. The other prescriptions i can probably do without for a bit, but not long.
Ugh, my apartment looks like a heard of Toddlers ran threw it. How is it id clean it and then turn around to find it destroyed. grrr. it never ends. Im feeling pretty lazy today. So i dunno if i will get much done today.
Nick and Skie are chillin on the floor watching Aladdin, Skie is also coloring some pages i had printed off-line. She is makine a pink dalmation! lol. Using the new markers i got her. They are Crayola 2 sided ones. There pretty cool. and she likes them.
Well, im off for now. look forward to another post later. xoxo