Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009 (Part 2)

Skie insisted on Celery for breakfast. im so proud of her. Her and I are enjoying Hot cocoa on this chilly morning. I plan to drink water the rest of the day. I also plan to get on the Wii at some point today. probably fairly soon since i havent eaten yet.

Im just chillin here listening to the 80's... love the 80's!!!

Im thinking i will just relax and watch a movie on Lifetime. I watched one last night called Girl Positive, it was about a girl in highschool, senior year that finds out she has HIV. It was a good movie, one i think all youngsters need to see.

oh shoot, i still gotta call the Dr. office to get an appointment. need my prescriptions refilled. And my 3 month check up for deppresion. Gotta keep that in check. I think im doing well, i wonder once i get healthier and lose a lot of this extra weight if i could come off the antideppresants. i hope. im tired of taking them. I do dread comeing off of them. thats the hard part. I would love to not depend on them to keep me going every day. It really is a hassel. But i am thankful to have them, and good insurance. Guess i better get on the phone. bye for now!

-Misty xoxoxo