Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009 (PART 2)

Im takin a break from reading and writing emails.
Im pissed at my dishwasher. damn thing wont drain. And the thought of doing the dishes by hand isnt at all apealing to me. So i will have to wait till tomorrow to call the maintenence number and get this fixed. grrrr. I got the kitchen swept and the living room picked up. Need to vacume and then scrub the kitchen floor. as well as the bathroom and clean the litter box.. yuck!! I may tackle our bedroom today. (Maybe)
Well here is how im doing today:
Breakfast: 1 Piece of Toast 80c
1 Cup Coffee 50c
Lunch: Leftovers from last nights dinner (1cup) 300c
Water: 1 bottle so far.

Im doing ok, breakfast had a litle more calories than i would of liked. but im doin good. I think im hungry now, but im going to wait another hour or so till i make dinner. im thinking fish, baked potato, and peas.
bye for now. xoxo


Stefani @ said...

I wish my dishwasher worked. We bought one but have never hooked it up. So I am always doing dishes by hand!