Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009

Its been almost 1 year married to Nick. He truley is a wonderful man. A great father and amazing husband. And i am proud to say my Best Friend. He is the only one i can tell anything to, and not be judged. I was skinny and gorgeous when we first dated, and now im fat, and not so gorgeous. But he loves me for me. I wonder what we will do for our anniversary on the 18th. Havn't really thought about it.
Anyways, today was a LAZY day. I did minimal things around the apartment. Cleaned the kitchen up a bit and that was all. I took a nap around 3pm till about 6pm. Its been muggy, and no AC. Nick did all the cooking the last 2 days, made me dinner and even served me. He takes good care of me. Skie was fairly good today, cleaned up the living room like she was told. She has been playing her Leapster Click Start a lot, she is learning so much. matching shapes, learning ABC's and Numbers. She also loves her Leapster 2, its a little handheld game thingy, i got her the princess game to go with it. I need to get a memory card for it as well, so i can download a couple games for her. I plan on getting her the Leapster TAG system soon, i know she will love that.
Tomorrow is gonna hopefully be a productive day. I got a lot of cleaning that needs to get done, laundry folded, floors vacumed, and bathroom scrubbed. Gotta go to Walmart to get my news paper, and few groceries. And nick has to work at 2pm. but only untill about 6 or 7pm.
I visited with my neighbors in the Cabana for a bit last night. Marggie got skie some more Pajamas and cute little princess soaps. Everyone is so sweet and caring. Like my family away from home. I cleaned Brooks Apartment as well yesterday. did it in an hour and got paid $40! lol. Im thinking i may just stick to cleaning peoples homes... its not that hard. and the money is good. i dont know. just a thought i guess. I still love my baking and am thinking about doing some cute brownies for my friends. but i gotta find some kind of ambition to get it done. I got some cute brownie stencils and cutters at michaels. As well as the decorating kit. So im excited to use it. I got a box of 100 decorating bags, so i dont think i will run out of those any time soon. Im getting tons of tips for decorating, and probably have over 50 now. I need to get an organizer for them all. right now they are in a pencil box.
Well, this is all for tonight. gonna go surf the net for a bit then get a shower. and off to bed. good night all, xoxo


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I'm betting you're as beautiful as you were the day you married him! Following you!