Thursday, January 22, 2009

Made it Safe!

we are in NY, have been since Sunday night. we made the trip safe. actualy made some stupid mistakes, missed a few exits. and locked the keys in the car. lol. but everything else was fine. the last 300 miles was the longest, the exits where so far apart. We have been staying at his mothers house. we will be getting the power turned on at our place tomorrow. Then im staying at my mom's tomorrow night then going to my neices birthday party on saturday. we will be moving in this weekend. and getting all the cleaning done and organize our stuff. Things are going well, nick is getting into trucking school. We applied for assistance till we can get on our feet. I have a dr. appointment tuesday for a pain on my left side right below my ribs. we have a wic appointment on the 6th, skie will be 5 in october but we will take what we can to help us for now.
good night for now. xoxo