Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick... AGAIN!!

Sick Again... :(
God, just when i thought i was lucky to have only gotten sick once last year, i dont think this year will be so great. im already sick with a cold of some sort. got the runny nose, suffy head, swollen glands, cough, headace.... it goes on. but all i want to do is go to bed! I see Nyquil in my near future!Anyways, Skie pissed me off tonight. spilled like 3 cups of rice krispies on the floor in the kitchen, then broke my big white coffee cup. ugh. she is in her room taking a late nap, but i think if she wakes up before i go to bed i will just have her take a bath, eat and go back to bed. We started the morning of on a bad foot when the first thing she said is she is a good girl now and she wants the barbie mermaid i got her yesterday, i told her no. then about an hour later i told her if she picked up the living room she could have it, of course she didnt listen. so i made her clean the living room with out getting the barbie. I must be so mean. but god, its not that hard to pick up your own damn mess! *hint* (Husband needs to do the same)Im living on soup today, i made a hotdog soup and now im eating a ramen soup cup thingy. I know they are packed with calories and nasty fat, but i just dont care about much when i am sick. i just want to chill and relax as i eat things that are bad for me. oh well, theres alway another day.Im so tired of the stupid bullshit back home. nicks sister in law is retarded, has cheated on her husband since they been married, treated him and her kids like shit. and then thinks she is going to take the kids from him, just because she wants to. she lost that fight in court today. oh was she pissed. i also learned some other information im not able to repeat, but i knew it all along anyways. lol. I feel sorry for there 2 sons that have to suffer through this. some day they will realize all the stupidity that surrounds them. well, im outa here, byez.-Misty

This is post #199, im thinking of doing a giveaway of my own for my few readers. and hope to gain more readers. post #200 will be my FIRST giveaway!! yippee!!!


Kaycee said...

Aww, sick again? Uck.