Monday, January 12, 2009

Grumpy Today

Im in a pissy mood today. not sure why. oh well. Skie is annoying me. Thinks she is getting something new everytime we go out. wich is kinda my fault cuz im always gettin her stuff. I got her a new mermaid barbie today, and she was spazing cuz i didnt give it to her right away so i decided to hold on to it till we leave for NY. She is now taking a nap.Well, Nicks cat Misa likes Rice krispies. lol. weirdo. lol.We went over to UPS to drop off some boxes, then to Ann's Linens, I got a new potholder, skie some princess cups, and a new pouf for the bath.Im thinking im taking a nap today. Im tired out. Just warn out. bye for now.. xoxo-Misty