Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, yea. I'm watching my neighbors kids. Wow, taking care of 3 kids instead of just one is crazy!! These kids don't have a set bedtime, and mine does. She goes to bed at 8pm school nights. Ok, im watching a 7yr old girl, 4yr old boy, and a 8month old boy. None of them are in bed and its 2 minutes to 10pm! My daughter is in bed, but has had a hard time getting to sleep due to the other children constantly giving me problems and the baby is awake being fussy. Im normaly asleep by 9pm so im extremly exhausted. My neighbor works nights at walmart. And since I dont work i volunteered to watch her kids for her. Wich i thought would involve sleeping most the time. I think i will just need to get these kids used to a routine that will keep us all happy. And I will accomplish getting them all to bed at 8pm, and baby down by 9pm. Wish me luck.

Here it is! My First Product review!
I choose the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer because it is the newest product i have bought. Yep, I paid $8 for this cleaner. Certainly not something I would normally do. I'm a deal seeking coupon hording bargain shopper! But this sprayer looked so cool. And I liked that you don't have to continuously pump the cleaner out, like most other cleaning sprays. I do a lot of cleaning every day, so that means a lot of spraying and my hand starts to cramp and i have to switch and try to do it left handed. Well, no longer will i have that problem. Scrubbing bubbles Power spray is awesome! Just unlock the little slide on the side then point and shoot! Very cool!! Oh, and the smell is wonderful and fresh. Not toxic like many cleaners that make it hard for you to breath let alone clean in the same room as it. The sound is pretty cool too. Well, here are some pictures i took. Enjoy!

This Picture is of the dirtiest spot in my shower! Yes, I know gross! But i never saw it, a bottle of body wash sat there covering it. Anyways it's perfect to try out the new Extend-A-Clean!

This is me spraying. soo cool!

This is the SCRUBBING!! And it was soooo easy.

Rinsing the yuck off!!!

Look at it sparkle now! Its so clean and certainly a lot more sanitary.

My new favorite cleaner!

-Misty M. VanEpps

Doing Reviews?

Well, I'm interested in doing product review. Like so many other people in the Blog-osphere. I'm not quite sure where start. Maybe just do a few reviews of products I have? But then where do I go from there? Who would I contact? How do I promote my blog? Wow... I have lot's of questions. Well, i'm sure lots of research will help in my search.
Wish me luck!

Im a stay at home mom/wife so I have plenty of time for testing/reviewing products.
Products I'm interested in::::
Childrens Clothing (sizes newborn-5t/s)
Adult Clothing (women size xl, men size XL)
Childrens toys (newborn-to any age... my husband
is a kid at heart!)
Baby Gear (bottles, pacifiers, stroller, car seat, crib, pack-n-play.....)
Food (I love trying new recipes and new food, and would bake everyday if i had the time)
Home Decor (creating a new space is always fun)
Outdoor fun (games, BBQ'ing, lawn care, gardening, ....)
Kitchen (appliances small and large, pots and pans, utensils, and gadgets)

*I will add as i think of more.
Electronics (I enjoy New gadgets, figuring out how they work and what makes them great)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here are pictures of my apartment.... Enjoy
oh, these pictures where taken with my cell phone because i cant seem to find the charger to my nikon. :(

This is my Dining room. Facing my daughters bedroom and my office/storage room. And the kitchen is off to the right.

This half of my dining room has two end tables serving as my desk in front of this window because that is where i get free internet!

Coming into my daughters room...

This is my office/Storage Room... Kinda messy right now.


Living room... leads to master bedroom

This is the Master Bed Room.

And The Bathroom...

So, that is my home. there is the back porch/pantry but its a mess w/ our old mattress and box spring out there and odds and ends there need to be organized.

Well, thats it!

Another wonderful giveaway over at Heck of a Bunch!
$30 gift certificate!
i hope to win!
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So i start my morning off waking up from a HORRIBLE dream about my husband trying to kill me! yup. crazy considering i love him to death. but oh well.. just a dream.
I get my daughter out of bed 7:35am and into the bath. She just sits there. I ask her why she isnt washing and she says there isnt enough water! i said lay down and get washed. i ended up having to yell at her for not listening. But she gets the job done, gets out and gets her cloths on i picked out while waking her up. I ask her what she wants for breakfast and proceed to make her a bowl of froot loops. She has eaten Froot Loops for the last week straight, and even had them for dinner tuesday night. The reason being is the 100th day of school was Tuesday and they made froot loop necklaces with (you guessed it) 100 froot loops. so she discovers she LOVES this cereal and now eats it every day. good thing i have a few boxes among the 20+ boxes of ceral in the pantry. The rest of the morning getting her ready, doing her hair and getting boots and coat on went well. Gets on the bus at 8:50. She is now gone and i have a MIGRAINE!!! yup. Good thing i have a prescription for it, so i pop a pill and now its 10:30am and im feeling great. I got the Laundry washed and now in the dryer, whole house vacumed, and picked up, tables washed, counters washed, litter box cleaned, beds made and dishes ready to be washed in the sink. So my day is started off rocky but doing better now.
When i let one of my kitties in from outside i see a package! yes im so happy. I had won EasyLunchbox System giveaway on GalTime! I was thrilled, I chose purple! and it came with a set of 4 containers!

I havn't used it yet, and will tell you how great it is when i do! Thank you Gal Time!

Much love, Misty

Thursday, February 25, 2010

OOHHH i hope to win!
This is for a Kolcraft Travel Play yard.
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These are the most adorable Tutu's i have ever seen!!
I certainly plan on purchasing in the near future for my darling daughter. She loves to dress up and these would just make her day.
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Look at this carrier;

dosent that look cool and comfy. i worry about making sure the carrier i plan to use is safe and secure. this one particular has my attention.
you can purchase at BabyBjorn or you can try to win it at Go Graham Go!
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Oh gosh are these beautiful. I have fallen in love with these designs. My favorite is available next month "Let Them Eat Cake" it's simple elegant and oh so beautiful, now tell me you wouldnt want to wear this;

Gorgeous isnt it!

you can enter to win the Strawberry Shortcake bra and pant set or the Cookies N Cream bra and pant set! here are the pictures of each;

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Review & Giveaway is hosting a Dolcette Designs Giveaway.
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Beautiful isn't it!!
There are so many different designs to choose from. There are Birth announcments, Baby shower invitations, Holiday and wedding photo cards... and many more.
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Parent Reviewers


Monday, February 22, 2010

I can't express how bad i want this stroller. For one it a great brand, and reliable. Well constructed and a beautiful design. And for Two it would save me the money on buying one because im convinced this is deffinetly the stroller i want for my baby. Wish me luck.
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