Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, yea. I'm watching my neighbors kids. Wow, taking care of 3 kids instead of just one is crazy!! These kids don't have a set bedtime, and mine does. She goes to bed at 8pm school nights. Ok, im watching a 7yr old girl, 4yr old boy, and a 8month old boy. None of them are in bed and its 2 minutes to 10pm! My daughter is in bed, but has had a hard time getting to sleep due to the other children constantly giving me problems and the baby is awake being fussy. Im normaly asleep by 9pm so im extremly exhausted. My neighbor works nights at walmart. And since I dont work i volunteered to watch her kids for her. Wich i thought would involve sleeping most the time. I think i will just need to get these kids used to a routine that will keep us all happy. And I will accomplish getting them all to bed at 8pm, and baby down by 9pm. Wish me luck.


~J said...

Oh man!! Good luck for sure. Are you going to do this regularly? If so, I'll bet you'll get your routine least I hope so, lol.

Misty said...

I Know i will get a routine established. No buts about it! It is almost 230am and im awake, i have troubles sleeping when i can't take my ambien. I dont want to take it when im watching someone elses kids. But i know i will be needing a nap tomorrow!