Friday, February 19, 2010

My daughter is extremly stubborn! I know what she dosent like and what she just dosent "want" to eat. Well when she seems to think that if she just says she dosent like it that i will give in and tell her its ok, eat something else. Well, not me! not this mother! she is forced to sit at the dining table till she either eats her meal or its bed time. then in the morning for breakfast she is sat at the table with left overs for the night before. she eventualy eats what she i given. Today she took 4 hours this morning. Now she is eating a sprinkle donut... happy camper!
what would you do?
your oppinion?


Nichol said...

It really is a stage. My son now 7 when through this from 5 and is not just going back on track although he will eat things he likes. But one day he was eating taco meat the next time we had it he refused. We always make him try and will not give in either. Good luck with the eating issues :)