Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emotional 5yr old....

So, today i get a call from my daughters counselor.
Of course they have my husbands phone number on file so leave a voice message on his phone for me to call her back.
She called his phone at 1:45pm, i dont know about this call until almost 3pm.
I try calling the number and keep getting a busy signal and a voice mail.
Eventualy i get through to the counselor who say she is with students and will call me back.
So i wait sooo nerveously, and worried for what she could possibly be calling about.
Things running through my head, did i say the wrong thing to her, am i a bad mom.
And for those of you wondering, yes i have spanked her on the bum. only in very rare occations. and yes i know its not right... and most people say its abuse. but its how i was raised and it works.
Anyways. she calls back. Tells me that skie has been crying in school. and that she had cried on the bus this morning. So i tell her she has been emotional lately because daddy is gone to school 70 miles away. And there has been a lot of stress at home since daddy got laid off from work. She is also adjusting and growing and i have had to yell at her a lot recently but she has overcome that period for now and is doing well. So she says, ok, i just wanted to let you know she has been very emotional. I say thank you. And that i will talk to her when she gets home to see what is wrong. and we say bye.
So, now i am waiting for her to get home in about the next 10 min. and will talk with her to see what is bugging her and help her over come the emotions.


Talking to a 5yr old about emotions and what not is difficult. She says that she was crying because i yelled at her this morning for getting snow all over her jeans. and that she cries at school because her friends are mean some times. I guess she is just really emotional. Im not quite sure how to help her with this. but i will continue to talk to her and try to understand what's going on.