Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Mattress

So, we ordered a new mattress.
Got it from a place called Mattress Express.
Well, we paid a little over $300 for a queen set.
It was delivered today, and the guy was alone. He was supposed to deliver it upstairs and take out the old bed set. Nope he left the new set on the porch!
I called my husband to tell him this and he calls them saying they where supposed to deliver it upstairs and out with the old. They tell him that that wasnt the agreement.
I was with him when we ordered it! and i heard everything said. I even told him we lived upstairs. That i would be home, and husband will be away at school.
My husband tells them to come back out here and deliver it the right way and take the old set. They tell him, its been delivered and thats it!! So my darling husband is going to call The Better Business Berau of NY to complain about this business. Which from what i have heard isnt the first time they have been in trouble. So, we will see where this goes!
Thanks for reading.