Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here it is! My First Product review!
I choose the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer because it is the newest product i have bought. Yep, I paid $8 for this cleaner. Certainly not something I would normally do. I'm a deal seeking coupon hording bargain shopper! But this sprayer looked so cool. And I liked that you don't have to continuously pump the cleaner out, like most other cleaning sprays. I do a lot of cleaning every day, so that means a lot of spraying and my hand starts to cramp and i have to switch and try to do it left handed. Well, no longer will i have that problem. Scrubbing bubbles Power spray is awesome! Just unlock the little slide on the side then point and shoot! Very cool!! Oh, and the smell is wonderful and fresh. Not toxic like many cleaners that make it hard for you to breath let alone clean in the same room as it. The sound is pretty cool too. Well, here are some pictures i took. Enjoy!

This Picture is of the dirtiest spot in my shower! Yes, I know gross! But i never saw it, a bottle of body wash sat there covering it. Anyways it's perfect to try out the new Extend-A-Clean!

This is me spraying. soo cool!

This is the SCRUBBING!! And it was soooo easy.

Rinsing the yuck off!!!

Look at it sparkle now! Its so clean and certainly a lot more sanitary.

My new favorite cleaner!

-Misty M. VanEpps


The Product Review Place said...

Welcome to The Product Review Place! I found your review on the site and thought I would check it out...nice job. If you ever have questions - let us know!

Anonymous said...

Great review!! Love that you documented it w/ pix. You sold me on the product!

The Royal Family said...

good stuff I love their stuff... found you from TPRP and I am here to say hi and follow, feel free to return the favor

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