Sunday, February 7, 2010

A lovely weekend

Darling husband is home for the weekend.
For those of you who dont know he is attending Tractor Trailor school. To get his CDL. Well, this school requires him to be about 70 miles from home 5 days out of the week, and home on the weekends.
Well, he got home Friday night about 7pm. I had dinner waiting on the table for him. I made a very yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes, peas, fresh dinner rolls, and macaroni and cheese. He enjoyed it, as did i and Darling Daughter. We spent the evening in each others arms, cuddling and darling daughter fighting me to get to daddy.
Saturday we visited family. I dont get allong with his mother so he drops me and darling daugter off at my fathers to visit while he goes to visit his father. I dont drive so the only time i see my father is when he takes me there. We visited for a few hours. Then husband come to pick us up and we went to walgreens because i wanted to get a few deals this week, but they had nothing in stock... so i grabbed some clearance and left. We went to Price Chopper to get some groceries for him to take back to school with him for the week, then went home to make dinner. He made dinner. Ricatta stuffed shells w/a shrimp sauce, ceasar salad and cottage cheese. very yummy. And we spent the evening reading our books while daughter played with a puzzle.
Today, Sunday. We are relaxing the morning away. Well, for the most part. i have already cleaned the kitchen and have 2 pans of macaroni and cheese in the oven; one for him to take back to school with him. and after those are done im making cookies, brownies and crumb cake for him to take with him as well. I dont want him getting hungry. This afternoon daughter has a birthday party to go to, and while she is at that husband and i are going to Target to see whats on clearance.
So, that would be out weekend.
i hope yall are having a wonderful weekend as well!!