Monday, February 28, 2011

I forgot to post yesterday.
Anyways, yesterday was easy.
I was feeling nautious in the morning, but I sat down for a bit and drank some water and ate a couple strawberries. That helped and the rest of the day was fine.
For lunch I ate a sliced tomato.
For dinner I ate boiled chicken and broccoli.
Then my snack was an orange.
Later in the evening i ate a few strawberries.
I drank water all day.

I visited my father yesterday and my diet stayed right on track. He kept offering me coffee and then oatmeal, and then burger king. I said nope... im good, every time!
Today my weight is at 197, so that is 6 pounds down.
Today I have eaten a few stawberries and been drinking a bunch of water! I will probably have some broccoli soon for lunch and a boiled egg.

That's about all thats going on with that.
Check back soon to see my progress!!

This is day 3 @ 198ish pounds

This is Today (day 4) @ 197 pounds... and I painted my toes!