Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Another Tuesday

Nothing much is going on here... Pretty boring day... ok days. Today 2 of the 4 boxes from select comfort arrived. The othr 2 will be here tomorrow or thursday. Im excited. Can't wait to get it put together. It looks pretty simple to get together so I may do it myself and surprise my husband... lol. Anyways. I have been crazy tired... all the time. And then last night I didnt sleep well at all, was awake at 4am. But I got a 2 hour nap this afternoon. I gotta figure out what to make for dinner. Im thinking maybe grilled cheese with tomato soup. yummmm. Looks like it is going to rain out. I transplanted some of my veggies to the ground since they got a nice start in the buckets. I will get more of them put in the ground probably tomorrow. Well, Im getting stuff ready for the village wide lawn sales on the 4-6th. And boy do I have a lot to get rid of! All year I stock pile stuff I get really cheap or even free using coupons and then get rid of it all when this weekend comes. Its fun, and plus I can maybe get my rent paid for this month If i make enough. I will be so happy when hubby gets on the road and starts bringing in a decent pay check. ok, tummy is rumbling! byez!!