Saturday, May 15, 2010


yesterday Hubby and I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Skie had a free kids meal coin so we used that too! bonus! Well, we waited a while to be seated since it was really busy about 5pm. But the food is worth the wait! We ordered our meals and nick decided to order a margarita. oh it was good. and they put sugar around the rim of the glass! when he was licking the sugar off the rim he knicked his tounge on a spot that was broken. He let the waiter know and she was shocked. Her jaw dropped and then went to get the owner of the restaurant. He was awesome... Appolagized profusly. And offered hubby a drink on him. He continued to come back to our table to see how we where doing. Then when we where leaving he greeted us on our way out appolagizing again, gave our daughter a bag of peanuts and a toy. He was genuinly sorry. I really liked that he cared. It made our evening interesting. Oh and the food is AMAZING!
Today hubby is going to see a movie with a friend. This nice friend is paying for hubby to see the movie. how nice of him! :) Then when hubby is done we are doing my running around. Target, Michaels, Price Chopper, and Tops. Fun Fun!
Alright... need to clean house. byez!!
- Misty


Debra Joy said...

That was wonderful of them to be so nice! I love Texas Roadhouse. Thanks for stopping by my blog!