Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soccer Mom!

Today I became a soccer mom! I signed Skie up for AYSO. She is so thrilled! They won't start practicing until the first weekend in July, but we went right to Target to get her shin guards, ball and some cones for practicing in the yard. I hope to be able to get her a small goal post soon. Anyways... She is super excited!!
Nick is home for the weekend. He almost wasn't going to be here this weekend since his dad is in the hospital where he is attending school so I had told him to stay and be with him. But he came home this morning since his dad was doing better.
We are about to call it a night.. tired out.
Tomorrow we are going to BBQ. I invited some friends and family so I hope it will be a good time.
Good night!


Amberlynn said...

Soccer is a such a great sport. I loved the eight years I played :) Thank you for following, I'm returning the favor and following you back. Hope you have a great day!

-K said...

Whoo hooo, super cuteness. Soccer uniforms are adorable.