Friday, May 14, 2010

ok, not really. but I been a little lost. I been entereing a few giveaways here and there. But usualy I would enter about 50 or more in one day. My brain is scattered. My husband graduates NTTS in about 3 weeks!! yay! I hope he signs on with a good company. I just worry about a litte blip in his criminal record that may prevent him from doing that. We all make mistakes... I hope an employer can see that. Hmmm. Im cooking some turnips on the stove... Im gonna eat those for lunch.. yumm!
Im still super excited about the sleep number bed. I had to mail my certificate to them so they could verify it. And then they will get the bed shipped to me! I can't wait! Skie will then have our queen size with 4 inches of memory foam. She won't know what to do! lol.
Anyways. Im super hungry so Im off... Be back soon!!