Monday, May 10, 2010

A wonderful weekend!

This past weekend was amazing. I can't remember a moment where I wasnt smiling! Hubby came home friday night like normal and he knew I was busy with mothers day preperations so he cooked dinner. Then I needed more powdered sugar so we he took me to the store! Then he continued to help me by doing dishes and laundry. He continued this all weekend long. I was very happy he was being so helpful. Then on Saturday as my mothers day gift he took me to Michaels! I love that craft store.. I could live in there! He let me get anything I wanted, wich was hard because I have a hard time justifying paying anything more than a dollar for something! LOL, but I got a new brownie pan. And Skie wanted to do a project for me for mothers day. So I picked a very pretty bird house. We picked up some paint for her to paint it! It's beautiful. My husband got a big wooden dragon/phenix puzzle thing. Its pretty cool. Then we went home so I could continue to work on preperations. My mother, little brother, big brother, and big brothers wife, and my dad were comeing to visit on Sunday for brunch that I made. It was great. I was so happy to have everyone here. And I love to cook! So I made Waffles, french toast casserole, sausage casserole, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage links, chocolate dipped strawberries, homemade brownies, 3 layer cake, fruit salad, as well as a variety of fruit to eat. It was great. Everyone left stuffed! Then after everyone went home we took a nap for about 3 hours! Then got up about 4pm and ate, then went grocery shopping. In total of everything I made, I used 5 dozen eggs!! lol... ya!
Here are some pictures;
This is my little brother. He is Brian, 18 yrs old, senior in high school. Going in the reserves.
This is my daughter, and my mom.
The chocolate dipped strawberries I made!
Here is the 3 layer cake I made. Its called Cascading Violet mothers day cake!

Skie likes it when I make cakes!
Bibble... Everybody loves bibble!
My dad, Nick, Older brother, and skie... All watching the tv. Nick and my brother (Michael) are playing a game on the Xbox360
The birdhouse Skie painted for me!!
My brother's Wife (Bridget) and my husband nick.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.