Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Another Tuesday!

Hey all! I know it's been a few since I posted. Nothing much has been going on. We been having problems with our neighbors parking in our driveway. Our driveways are connected and they keep parking there car half in ours and half in theres. It dosent really bother me, but my husband gets pissed because he hates them with a passion. Anyways. our landlord is going to build a wall to seperate the driveways so we dont have to deal with them.
Nick graduates from NTTS trucking school next wednesday. Im excited for him. But he is having a rough week this week. He has failed 2 of his driving tests. He has had a 95-96 average the entire year. and has gotten great marks on all his road rides. So Im not sure what is going on with him this week. I hope he can pull it together and pass his finals.
Skie is doing great. She only has 4 weeks left of school. Im planning a Graduation party for her class. They will be in First grade next year!! So Im going to put together a little party for them at the park!
Father's day is next month and we have decided to do a BBQ at my father's house. Im supplying all the food since Im the coupon queen and have a surplus of food! And I never mind sharing, or helping when I can. Im always giving my father 100's of dollars worth of food because him and his wife are having a rough time. He is on dissability, and my step mom is In and out of the hospital with mental issues. So with her in the hospital she isn't working, and she is out of sick time as well as vacation time. I just do what ever I can to help him.
Oh! big news... Tomorrow Im going to get my permit! It will be the second time getting it. The last time I let it expire. I should have gotten my licence but I was always to scared to drive. But now I absolutly need to. With my husband going to be a trucker, he won't be home to take me where I wana go. Plus Im looking forward to my indipendence. Not having to relly on anyone to take me somewhere.
Well, I better get back to reading the permit book. bye for now!!


BigSis said...

Good for you, getting your license. Like parenting, it brings wonderful experiences and stressors alike.

Gem said...

Good luck!

Meg said...

Yea for you! Hey loving those headbands, need to check it out!

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