Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Evening!

My daughter and me ............
It's been a few days since I really wrote anything. I been so excited about winning the Sleep Number bed! So far all I know is they are sending a certificate in the mail. Then I have to call and order the bed, and shipping is included! yay!! Im excited. I have always had horrible time sleeping (ok, not always, ever since I had my daughter) and im hopping that this bed may just be what I need. I hope! Anyways. The the weather has been gorgeous. We did get some rain on and off but otherwise it has been sunny and warm. Skie even been in her pool already! She loves the water! But a 2 days after getting her pool blown up it started to deflate. So now we gotta buy her a new one. Im hopeing to get her one this weekend.

She is such a camera hog! lol... but she shure is cute!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Good Night!


MommiesSavings said...

Congratulations on winning the bed thats so exciting. Your daughter is a cutie.