Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breezy Sunday!

Wow, allergies are terrible today. But other than that it's beautiful outside and breakfast was amazing! My brother, niece, and his friend Mike came over for breakfast. I did invite my father and his wife but they didnt show up. Didnt really think they would. Anyways, I made Waffles! Homemade! My husband made me an amazing omllet; he put ham, feta cheese, sharp cheddar and swiss in it... oh goodness I wish I could of fit more in my tummy. Breakfast was nice. I like it when my brother visits, and brings my niece since she keeps my daughter busy and out of my hair.
The rest of this day will be spent cleaning house (mostly the kitchen) and probably go outside and do some weeding. Nick (my husband) is going to go paintballing with my brother this afternoon. This will be his first time. I wonder how many welts he will come back with. LOL.
Bye for now!