Monday, April 19, 2010

Today wasn't as great as yesterday but wasnt as bad as friday was... just a little pain in my ovaries.. nothing major.

Today was the last day of Skie's spring vacation. (thank god!!) I happen to enjoy the 6 hours that she is at school! I get so much done. But also today she helped me a lot with the cleaning that was left from the weekend. I got everything caught up except the laundry needs to be folded.
Skie and I planted some flowers and vegetables today. Then put them outdoors. I hooked the hose up to the washer hookup, and stupid me put it in the hot water pipe... ya. duh!
Then around 4pm I made steak sandwiches for dinner. After we went to the park for about an hour or so. Skie made a new friend instantly. A girl named Hannah, 7 yrs old. They had so much fun playing. I met Hannah's mother and we chatted the entire time. Then 6pm rolled around and Hannah needed to be at girl scouts. I asked where it is being held. She says it's at the fire department. I just so happen to live accross the street from the Fire Department. So, then i asked how much is it to enroll. And to my surprise its only $12!! Now we are walking to the fire department and i tagged along so I could see about enrolling Skie. I would have done it right then and there, Skie had so much fun with all the other girls, and I took lots of pictures and even some video. But there is only 2 more meeting left for this season, and the new season dosent start till September. So, I will wait till next season to enroll her. I know she is going to love it. So, Hannah's mother and I chatted that entire time till about 7pm, we have a lot in common. Exchanged phone numbers and she only lives up the street and around the corner! I hope to chill with her.. she is a stay at home mother as well. So, maybe I will have a new friend. :)
Well, its almost 8:30pm and im dead tired!
Good night all!


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

Wow - that's a LOT of moving! I haven't moved nearly that many times, but I'm so glad I haven't, haha.

When we moved about a month ago, we knew we were going to move again. We left an apartment where we had been living with my step brother who has been my step brother sinc ei was 3 - so i've always felt like he was just as much my brother as my other brothers, because i don't remember anything before he, my step dad and other step siblings were in my life. Well, it took me 15 years to realize it but apparently he doesn't feel the same because he wound up being really innapropriate towards me even though for being 18 I dress rather conservatively - just bootcut or flare jeans with a t shirt 90 percent of the time. So that was super creepy, but also somewhat upsetting to me as a person because I had felt close to him and really trusted him for years. UGH!

anyway. so we left there and were SO glad to get out, and we knew we could eventually go to this apartment we are moving to later this week - except i knew i had a month left of college. Seems how everyday my schedule is different, and i have clases monday-frkiday sometimes with 3 hour breaks between the classes, it made more sense to move her e(to my boyfriends moms) for a month so i could be 2 minutes from my school instead of trying to figure out how to handle it and doing the 30+ minute drive twice a day everyday.

but yeah, moving that much in that short of a timespan is not fun.

Good luck with your husbands trucking job - is he just looking to sign on and use the companies truck or is he buying? My stp dad has been a trucker for years but about two years ago he decided to buy his own truck because he can get paid more and various other benefits - but the truck he bought breaks down ALL.THE.TIME and it's been a complete money hole. Anyway good luck whichever way he is deciding to go with that one :)

Sorry this is so long! I'm such a big talker. haha.

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

also - if you ever set up email updates let me know and i'll subscribe to u that way - i've gotten to where i follow 100+ blogs via email but mostly neglect my dhasboard