Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Im gonng go for my walk after Skie is off to school. Then probably check mail. Come home and Chill on the sofa for a bit. And then im making a RED VELVET CAKE! yep... so yummy. oh, and its gonna be garnished with crushed pecans! ooh ooh yummmmmy! Pictures will of course follow later today!
I think we got up to early. Normaly it takes my daughter a while to get ready for school, so we get up an hour and a half before she has to get on the bus. Well, she was done getting shower, eating, dressing, hair done, and shoes on within half an hour! ya, so now she is sitting in front of TV watchin curious george! Gotta love that darn monkey!
Today is Day #5 for Clomid. Last night I had some joint pain in my right hip, knee and ankle. I'm not sure it was related to the clomid..I probably strained myself yesterday. Anyways, day five is the last day of taking the clomid. Im hopeing it does the job! We will know a week from Friday when I am supposed to ovulate. Wish us luck!!