Friday, April 16, 2010

I have polycistic ovaries... so conceiving is difficult. Husband and I have been trying for 5 years! I was diagnosed with polycistic ovaries when I was 23, by a OBGYN when we lived in Texas. I proceeded for fertility treatment, and i started by doing a clomid challenge to see if I would ovulate. I did. After that they wanted to do all these very painful procedures to check for this or that and i was freaked out and told them to shove it! So now 2 years later I ordered the clomid online. So today being the first day of my period I took one pill of a 100mg. Normally you would start by taking it on the second day for 5 days, but I usually have short periods so I'm taking it on day 1. I know there can be some painful side effects from the clomid as my ovaries are put into overdrive... but I'm willing to take it. Hubby will be home this afternoon and all weekend to tend to me if I need him. I am super excited! I want a little bundle of joy so bad! I love being a mother and I think i have done a fairly good job raising our daughter. Wish us luck!!


Jen said...

Good Luck to you! I have PCOS as well and it took several years, but we were able to conceive with metformin and weight loss. I have heard great things about PCOS and Clomid. I know it can be a very emotional time. Just be patient and have faith!