Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ugly Cookies!!

Ya, so I made ugly sugar cookies. I intended to make these really cute Earth Day cookies for my daughter's class. Well, they turned out hideous. I threw them away! I'm now starting a new batch of cookies at 9:30pm the night before they are going to school! yep.... I'm insane. But I couldn't bare to send the ugly cookies to school with skie. Anyways, so I'm going to be awake till the weeee hours of the night. wish me luck for pretty cookies.
Nothing much happened today. I went for a walk. Oh, I took a nap after my daughter went to school. It felt so good!! I slept 2 hours. yay! My husband is home tonight and will be here till Sunday!! yay! He has Dr. appointment tomorrow. He would drive back to school tomorrow after his appointment but we haven't got the gas for him to be driving back to school for one day of class then to drive back home for the weekend. So he is staying here till Sunday. And because we can't afford the gas for him to be coming home every weekend he will now be home every other weekend. As of right now its been costing us around $120-$180 a month in gas! yea... we can't do it anymore. The water bill is past due, The electric company wants to turn the electric off! and the insurance is due next month. I'm lost as to where this money is going to come from. I'm scared and depressed! I just don't know.
Guess I will get back to my cookies. Good night!


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

Sorry about the delay but I just now read your reply, haha.

Wow six months at once that's a super long time - especially for your daughter I'm sure! Hopefully it'll be worth it for all of you though :)

I love finding other non-drivers - it's crazy how much pressure is packed on the day you turn 16 and don't have your license yet. I'm almost 19 and don't have mine yet, though I did finally learn to drive I just haven't taken the test yet. I'm so nervous! I was talking to one of my bloggy friends and she said that in her state it's free to take the test, you only have to pay if you pass and get your license - I wish it were that way in Michigan because the cheapest place I have found to take the test is $45. & when you have HUGE driving anxieties like me, it's just makes the anxiety that much worse, knowing that you could be blowing almost 50 dollars, which is a lot for a poor college kid, haha. So that's super frustrating. My permit expires the last week of June though so I'm going to use that to try and force myself to take the test before then, so I don't have to pay the 25 dollars to renew my license, only to turn around and spend money on the test and license.

It's a little pathetic but i'm still SO proud of myself for learning to drive that I don't feel pressured to actually get my license yet - haha. It was such a huge thing for me to do though because as soon as I finished drivers training (which was a horrible experience, and was at least half the reason I was so afraid of driving to begin with) I thought about it EVERYDAY because I got SO much crap from people for not driving, and I just worried about having to do it EVERYDAY so I'm still just so thrilled with myself for overcoming the fear, which is silly I know, but that's just kind of where I'm at for now. haha.

I feel for you though on the test part, I took drivers training when I was 14, and to get my permit I had to take the written test, and I passed it which allowed me to get the permit - but because I already took the written part I just have to do the driving, which is nice. I am sure I couldn't pass the written test anymore, I'm glad I did it as soon as the class was over.