Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clomid Day #3/ ramblings

Day 3 was easy.... no pain at all. And I didn't feel the need to sleep all day. So, nothing much to report on that.
My husband was home for the weekend like usual. I'm not happy with him. The whole weekend he didn't help me with anything! I was in a lot of pain on friday, saturday I was drained, and sunday... well, he didn't get off his ass to do anything other than his laundry and to feed his face. I'm so mad! The dishes piled up, the floors didnt get vacumed, and he didnt even clean his own messes! I attempted to do a sink full here and there and I would get all but the pots and pans done, and he didn't even bother to help me. Or ask if I needed help. I don't mind during the week when it is just Skie and me, but when he is home its like i have a second child to tend to! ugh!!!!
Im trying to decide what I want to cook this week! I know on Tuesday and Wednesday I'm making sugar cookies for Skie's class for Earth Day! Other than that im thinking I might make home made brownies, maybe a red velvet cake! hmmmm. decisions, decisions!
Oh, I planted a ton of veggies today. I got two bags of potting soil and I been scowering the house looking for containers to start them in. Because it may be a while before my husband gets my garden built I have decided to at least get some of the vegetables started so I don't lose any time during the growing season. So, today I planted Cabbage, Beans, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Lettuce, Turnips, ... hmmmm, hard to think of the rest now. but ya.... lots of yummy vegetables!
Well, Im going to call it an evening.
Hope everyone has a good nights rest!


Crocheted Little Things said...

I hear you about hubby! If I don't scream "get up and help me!" we can drawn in things to do and he will not even see it...ugh!

I love the garden idea! so far I was successful just with few hers like parsley, basil and thyme but I really wish to have tomatoes and some fruit!