Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A Migrane from HELL!! OMG it was horrible. Didn't think I could get out of bed. But I had to get my medicine. The only way to describe this pain is a sludge hammer ramming the top of my head, and ice picks being droven into my eye sockets! I took my medicine and passed out on the sofa waking up every 20 minutes until my alarm was going off to get Skie up for school. I could hardly manage to get to my bedroom. Turned my alarm off and went and got Skie up and in the shower. Knocking over a bunch of stuff, running into walls like a drunk person. I got her clothes out so she could dress. I layed on the sofa and instructed her what to do. I was not able to help her get ready. She got her own breakfast, dressed and prepared to go to school. I felt so bad for her. I just couldnt keep my head up, let alone stand up. But she did ok by herself. She got on the bus like always. She kept asking me if i was ok and if it was time for her to go wait for the bus. She just stands on the porch so I don't normally go down with her. At about 8:45 I told her ok, go on. She left and I passed out on the sofa again. My neighbor comes up for something, I don't remember what. And after she left I made my way to my bed where i slept till 11am. I woke up still feeling hungover, with just a touch of a headace left. I took some Tylenol. My husband called and I let him know how i was feeling. After going to my neighbors to get a soda because i needed caffine I proceded to get dressed to go get the mail. Nothing was in the po box. We have been waiting for my husbands unemployment debit card for 2 weeks now. So I let him know nothing was in the mail. He calls them again today and finds out a new card was never issued, although every time before the associate said it was in the mail. Well my husband bitched them out and a new card is being overnighted to my fathers house via fedex. This is just a crappy day. It's raining. And im not feeling very motivated to do anything. Im feeling extremly tired. but my headace is gone. I hope to get something accomplished today.