Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm so excited I had the opportunity to review Edushape Jumbo Numbers! CSN kindly supplied a set of numbers zero through nine! Including a plus, minus, division, multiply and equal sign! And shipping was super fast!
When these arrived my daughter was at school. I knew just what I wanted to do when she got home. We sat on the living room floor to see what we could do with these numbers. We started out with some basic math. Now remember my daughter is 5 and in Kindergarten. She had trouble doing simple math. So We started with 1+2=? and she didn't know what was going on. So I explained to her with my fingers. 1 finger on my right hand and 2 fingers on my left. And if she counted all the fingers I had up she would get the answer to 1+2. Oh, was she thrilled! We continued with placing numbers and making addition problems and she had trouble with quite a few as i knew she would. But she learned a lot with this visual aid. I think her teacher is going to be very impressed. Tomorrow we will continue to work with addition.

Here are some photo's I took of Skie playing with the Edushape Jumbo Numbers:

The only thing I would like with these jumbo numbers is maybe more than just one of each number. This is because when you do math most addition and multiplication results in a number that is two digits. Therefore you would need jumbo numbers to make the answer. But then again I guess it's not necessary that you make the answer.

There are other uses for these fun jumbo numbers. You can use them to trace. Which i think would be great if you are making a poster or a big sign. Also you can use them to paint! Kind of like a stamp! Pretty cool I think!

These Jumbo numbers are Safe, Non-toxic, Colorful and Colorfast, Educational and Fun, and soft yet durable. I highly recommend these numbers for school aged children or even for use in classrooms. I think the bright colors and the size of the numbers will make for a better more exciting visual when it comes to learning numbers and simple math.
I'm concerned with how much time children sit in front of
Entertainment Centers that hold not only the TV but also game systems. I'm sure that the bright colors created on the screen are very appealing but as parents we need to control how much time is spent sitting on there buts rather than being active and learning some fun new games. I think that these jumbo numbers could make some fun games. And the bright colors and the size of these numbers will keep them interested. It's not always the TV that needs to keep them entertained.

Here is a little tid bit about the creator of EDUSHAPE:
Edushape's products are engineered for optimum creative and developmental stimulation for children ranging from infant to toddler in age. Established in 1983, Edushape LTD., is a leading manufacturer of educational toys and games for toddlers to second graders. During 1999 Edushape entered into a new phase of developing unique and exciting new products for infants and toddlers under the age of 3. This new and enhanced section is based on Edushape's unique, specialized materials. As always, these products have been carefully developed, manufactured and selected by a team of professional educators and marketers.

Thank you to Jamie over at CSN for allowing me to provide this Review to my wonderful readers!

I was not paid in any form to do this review. I contacted CSN to offer this review. In return I was supplied with a set of EduShape Jumbo Numbers to complete this review. This is my honest opinion from my experience with these fun numbers!