Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009 (part 2)

Half of the cleaning is done, and i have been to walmart and back. I needed broccoli for a recipe i am trying tonight. pluse little odds and ends (milk, bread, eggs, cereal...) I even got my feline babys a few more toys. Not that they need any more but they like them, i swear they have over 50 toys. but it is fun to watch them play. Oh, i also picked up a case of water, YES i said WATER, one of my resolutions is to DRINK MORE WATER. Can't be that hard. It will cut many calories out of my diet. All the sugar in Soda and Kook-aid is insane. Juse one step closer to a healthier me.
Today i am going to show Skie the wonders of Celery with peanut butter on it. Just another healthy snack instead of cookies or candy.
I just seen skie picking her nose!! yea, so i ask her "anything good in there?" she said " yea, boogers" i was like "get a tissue" she says "tissue wont get them out, i gotta get them with my finger" hahhahaha! i thought that was funny. She is chillin in the livin groom curled up in a chair with her blanket watching Cinderella II. I dont think a day goes by that she dosent watch it, and i swear i know every word to it. lol.
Bibble is eating a cucumber peal, my cats are wierd. lol. They eat Broccoli and peas as well. lol. Healthy kitties.
Anyways, i think i may make some rice krispie treats for a neighbor of mine's son, he just returned from the hospital for an athsma atack. i think he will enjoy some goodies. Or i may try out my new brownie decorating kit and may some chocolaty goodness. hmmm. ponder ponder... could do both.
Well, off the clean the kitchen. xoxo