Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow... A LONG Day

Seems like this day has been longer than most. I spent the day at my neighbors house tending to her kids while she was at a Dr. appointment. Then i watched them again while she went for groceries. I have been here since about 9am, neglecting my housework. I have a sink of dishes, many loads of laundry to fold, and at least one to wash. The litter box needs to be cleaned, and floors vacuumed. None of the beds are made and the fridge looks like someone ransacked it. So needless to say my day will be a busy one tomorrow. I got the paper work to get paid for watching her kids turned in to social services. So now i will make a little extra money along side the unemployment my husband gets right now. Which is a relief considering we are barely making ends meet for rent and bills. If you haven't read before he is attending Tractor Trailer Trucking School in Liverpool NY to get his CDL and become a trucker. He is averaging a 90 in his classes! I'm real proud of him. Trucking brings in about 40,000 a year, which will be a very big change from what we are accustom to. When we filed taxes I discovered my husband only made a little over 16,000 last year. But we managed to make it work. Some how we did. And now things are going to get better.


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