Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well Rested!

Wow! I'm feeling great this morning!! I woke up refreshed at 7am! Got Skie out of bed and into the bath tub by 7:15. Now I'm chillin with my laptop and a cup of coffee. I went to bed at 8pm on the dot. Was asleep about 2 minutes after laying down! Gotta love Ambien!!
Today I intend to get the neglected housework done. Yesterday I only managed to get (most) the dishes done and one load of laundry washed and put in dryer. So now I have about 4 loads that need to be folded. The floors need to be vacumed and well everything needs to be organized and washed down. On the weekends when my husband is home from school I don't do much at all (especialy when its that time of the month) I tend to sit in front of the laptop for hours. But if its not that time of the month im usualy in the kitchen cooking or baking for my husband. I make extra meals and goodies for him to take back to school with him.
Well I better hop of of here and get Skie ready for school. Then I'm gonna take a cup of coffee down to my neighbor.

Good Morning to you!!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of you going to sleep so early...I'm never down before midnight! And you can be my neighbor and hook me up w/ coffee anytime. Have a fab Tuesday!