Monday, March 15, 2010

looong weekend.

Sorry I hadn't been on much these last few days. My neighbor was having problems so i was trying to help her. And hubby got home Friday night so I spent time with him. Spent most the day saturday with my neighbor, then went to commisary. And Sunday hubby and I finished our grocery shopping. He visited his father and I visited mine. Nothing all that thrilling happened. I wish i had something better to post about.
Friday i watched a show (20/20) It was about skitsophranic kids. Oh my gosh, I felt so bad for these kids. how they suffer and how it is just a gamble with drugs to help them lead normal lives. While being in and out of mental hospitals. It's just terrible.
Last night was interesting. I visited my neighbor to see how her day had gone, she wasn't saying much so I checked on her guinea pig and the poor thing was sick and limp. Just dying. So I told her I would kill it. It was the most humane thing. The poor thing wasnt moving, eating or bairly breathing. she said she couldnt do it, and couldnt afford for a vet. So I took it outside and ended its suffering. Its how i was raised, you should never let an animal suffer.
Anyways. I gotta get Skie ready for school. Gonna spend the day cleaning today.