Friday, March 19, 2010

Crooked Brook Review

Crooked Brook

Upon requesting to do a review of the Crooked Brook they immediately replied and got right to work creating some very cute and soft blankets. They have designs for Soccer, Football, Cheer leading, Marriage, Birthdays... and so many others. The idea I had in mind was on for my daughter's teacher. I was able to pick a graphic among 100's available. I submitted my idea and Veronica asked if I would like to do a fleece blanket and a sweater blanket. I was thrilled and excited!! Li was the one to create the blankets for me. And oh my gosh did she do a wonderful job.

Here is where you select a design, click the picture to take you to the designs.

The Fleece blanket is so soft. Definitely something I would display on the sofa, and grab on a chilly evening. Or curl up with a cup of coffee in the morning. So very nice. Great quality. The Graphic is bright and colorful.

The Sweater blanket has to be my favorite. How often have you grabbed your favorite sweater and just curled up on the sofa to watch a movie? Well this blanket is just that comfortable. It has the same soft fleece like feel on the inside, but the texture of a sweater on the outside. The graphic on this one is the same as the fleece blanket and is just so bright and beautiful.

The time from start to finish with the process of ordering and creating, then processing and shipping was VERY fast! Going by the emails exchanged we started discussing these blankets March 5th, I received these blankets the 19th! How fast is that!! And check out these pictures;

I really liked there site, and they know what they are talking about. And they know how to make great, quality and beautiful blankets! The ordering process is so easy as well; you pick the blanket you want, in 14 different colors, then pick a design or something you would like embroidered on the blanket, as well as how you want it angled, Then email to submit what you would like. You can also submit your own design and they will quote you a price to have it done. I highly recommend Crooked Brook for all specialized blankets! They are just amazing!