Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know... I need to blog more. So much has been going on and trying to devote my attention to everything is sending my head spinning. But I'm still here!
Im working on some photos for my father. We are photographers. you can see our work at
We start doing Can-Am go kart races next month so im excited. means more work for me, but thats ok, i enjoy it. We havn't any wedding s planned for this year yet, wich is odd, but my father did just get over cancer. He had Lymphoma cancer and got kemo last year and was cleared of it this year.
Anyways. My neighbor is still fighting for her kids. she got 2 out of the three back and the father of the baby isnt giving him back. saying she is a bad mom and has put her kids in bad situations repeatedly. wich i agree. but its not my place to judge. Im just the babysitter.
Anyways. there is so much more. but i must get my house work done, get a shower and check the mail!
be back soon!!