Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Origami- Between The Folds

I watched an awesome program on PBS last night. Its on PBS television witch is a local TV station. I wanted to share some things about origami with all of you!
Composed of the Japanese words oru (to fold) and kami (paper). Origami is much more than just folding paper it is Mathematical and complex. All designs are done without glue or scissors. Paper was first invented in China about 105AD and brought to Japan by monks in the 6th century. At that time paper folding was only used in religious ceremony's, since paper was a luxury. But when paper became easier to make everyone was practicing the art of paper folding. Paper folding was first called orikata (“folded shapes”). By the 1800's in Europe and Japan, Kindergarten aged children where learning the art of origami. There was never a book published about origami until 1797, How To Fold a 1000 Cranes. The crane is a sacred bird of japan. Before this book was published these techniques were handed down from generation to generation. The reason for the book is not only to teach origami but also it is said that if you fold a 1000 cranes you would be granted one wish.

Today there are so many designs that are very complex. And there are Master Paperfolders. Akira Yoshizawa of Japan is one of these. He is considered the "father of modern origami" because of his creative paperfolding. He developed a set of symbols and terms for written instruction of origami.

Following are some images of origami. Hope you enjoy.

Origami Flower using CTMH Grace Pictures, Images and Photos