Friday, December 26, 2008

The ugly's came out!!

oh my goodness.... we went to Michaels, Target and then Walmart. We seen some of the ugliest and stupidest people ever. there was this one woman that was about a foot taller than me but had to weigh between 250-300 wearing something that looks like a wife beater but didnt cover her stomach. oh god, i was happy i hadnt eaten luch yet, i know i would of lost it. then at target there was a stinky fat person wearing a tye-dye shirt and sweat pants. and another person of about 300 lbs. was in a motorized cart thingy and i happened to be behind her, she smelt like the BO of 10 Fat guys. oh god, it was nasty.
Anyways, i found some good deals. got my dad a bag of candy. some crafty things at michaels, got nick a wooden ship sculpting kit. he put that together within an hour. gonna have to find something more difficult. lol. at walmart i got make-up assesories kit, a fur-real leapard, cute pink make-up bag, and packaging tape. Target had some good deals, but i will wait for the stockings stuffers to go down to 75% off. i love clearance. lol. paying fullprice is just stupid!!
Well, we are chillin at home, nick left to go clean the car. im gonna have him take some boxes over to UPS to ship to NY.
Skie and i took a little walk to visit our neighbors. its nice outside, but hot upstairs. since the AC is off its all muggy and hot. but there is a nice breeze.
anyways, im off for now. xoxoxo