Friday, December 26, 2008


Friday.... getting things accomplished.

i been coughing all night, my head feels like it wants to explode. i gotta get to the drug store for some medicine.
Im slowly getting the house back in order. its looking pretty bare now that nick took the lights down. Skie has mini M&M's all over the living room floor. I gotta finish loading the dishwasher and get that going. Then i will start breakfast: French Toast.... yummy! Im gonna wake nick in a couple hours so we can go shopping. I plan to go to Michaels, Target and Walmart. Then if its not to hot im gonna use up the bananas and make bread, then give it to my neighbors. After all that is done, i may take a nap if it isnt to hot.
oh geez, bibble is on top of the hutch of the desk trying to get into a starbucks bag. lol. she is a weird cat. She is very picky like peanut, and they get along well. Misa is still a little crazy kitten. but is getting more loveable.
Anyways. im outa here. gonna go get the vacuming done.