Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hot soup!

mmm. nothing like a hot bowl of soup when ur down with a cold. I love the cups of soup that all ya gotta do is microwave it and its ready to go. its perfect for when ur not feeling up to making or creating a soup.
I got some of the cleaning done, the kitchen looks ok, the floor is swept but it needs to be scrubbed, like hands and knees scrubbed. and i dont seem myself doing that today. it cooled down A LOT since this morning, im actually a little chilly now. and i know i will get that bread done today.
Nick and i are exchanging our crazy dreams from last night. i had a dream about me getting married and i know it was real good but i cant remember much of it now. and he had a dream about Me, i was dressing in a skimpy lil negliche and he had come home from work, i asked him if he thought i looked good, and he agreed i did, but then i told him sorry its that time of the month... ur out of luck. omg, isnt that hillarious. i so should be that mean just to piss him off. lol. arn't i such a great wife. lol.
Skie is making herself a sandwich. she is real good about doing things on her own. if only i could get her to clean her room. i need to go through everything and get it ready to ship home. fun fun.
well, thats all for now. xoxo


Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

when your done with your kitchen floor wanna come do mine? lol
5 kids on the farm track in all kinds of "interesting" stuff to day the least! ;)
Oh and turn off the kitchen lights.... your floor will look better! works for me every time!