Saturday, December 27, 2008

pill popper

Jeeze, in one week i take 28 pills, not including any others i take for migraines, headaces, arthritis, back aches... or whatever else. like today i took 2 already for this cold im fighting. it never ends. i wish i could just be healthy and not be taking any at all. Im always worrying if i had remembered to take them or not. its a hassel.
Anyways, i think this will be a lazy day. not doing to much, just cleaning, organizing and packing. possibly do the banana bread i have been putting off for a week now. i just havnt found any ambition to get it done. We have new neighbors and i want to give them a loaf as a welcoming gift. Then i gotta fill out thank you cards for all our neighbors for the gifts they gave skie. We are still receiving gifts for christmas. Everyone is so sweet. and thoughful. I will miss everyone when we go home.
Skie isn't feeling well, i just dosed her with some cold medicine. she is chilling with her dolly right next to me. She loves the new princess chair my friend april, nick and her friend ryan got her for christmas. She has been pretty content will all her new toys. hardly hear a peep out of her during the day, she is so busy in her imaginary land. We had gotten her some hot wheels cars and i seen her playing with them, its so cute.
Well, it looks like a beautiful day. hope it dosent get to hot since the AC is off.
Im, thinking thats all for now. gonna go reply to my emails and get breakfast made. bye for now!!