Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stupid Dishwasher!!!

These damn dishwashers in these apartments are shit. i put a load in and set it to wash, and they still come out dirty or with spots! its not like im useing some cheap detergent either, i use cascade power pacs. its a pain in the ass to open the damn thing and have to rewash shit. ugh, anyways. i have decided i cant go back to washing dishes by hand, nope. so nick is going to buy me a dishwasher after we move home. yippee! just have to pick one out.
so, nick got the dining table out. i let him take it apart and toss in the dumpster. he took all the garbage out he been putting off for days now. and the dining chairs too, and the glass cabinet that i didnt want. so its pretty damn empty in here.
Skie went to bed early, i dosed her with some pedia care cold medicine. then i snuck in her room to grab toys to pack and ship home. but i left her the barbies and littlest pet shop. so she can play with those on the way home.
Its going to be interesting going home with 3 cats in the car, peanut will be mad that misa is less than 10 feet from her. bibble will probably just lay in the back window and sleep, and then misa will probably be going nuts trying to see whats going on.... gonna be eventfull im sure of that.
well, im off to bed. xoxoxo